Emmy-nominated reporter Jeff Yastine shook up the financial world today when he released a controversial video exposing how “a small group of Main Street Americans are reaping massive stock market windfalls.”

IRS Agent Denise Wilks, for example, watched a $1,841 investment rocket to $10 million.

Maurice and Theresa Brooks looked on in awe as their $100 stake ballooned to nearly $100,000.

Then there’s Harry Burman, whose $50 is now up to $237,400.

[The video presentation – which is going viral – shows how dozens of people are making anywhere from $50,000 to $1,000,000, starting with just a few dollars.]

These windfalls have nothing to do with the stock market rally, cryptocurrencies, marijuana stocks or any other popular form of risky investing … but rather what Jeff calls “Kennedy Accounts.”

Now Jeff would be the first to tell you nothing in the market is guaranteed, but the potential in his findings are astonishing.

“Think of them like a 401(k) without the restrictions,” says Jeff, “And with the chance to make 511 times the profit!”

Controversially, Wall Street has all but banned Main Street Americans from accessing these “Kennedy Accounts” despite the fact that Bill Gates, the Clintons and even Warren Buffett are quietly raking in as much as $1 million per day from a part of this “Kennedy Account.”

Thankfully, Yastine says that despite what Wall Street wants you to believe, anyone can open one of these private “Kennedy Accounts.”

In his video he shows you how.

It’s quick.


And you can get started with just a few dollars.

But you will want to watch the video today. If you act before June 30, Jeff says: “You stand to see a stake as small as $500 snowball in upward of $1.19 million over the coming years.”

With Jeff’s permission, I have reposted his controversial video below.