Recently, one of the greatest data breaches in history occurred when 173 million Equifax users were hacked.

While this has received immense media coverage, it is only the tip of an iceberg most Americans are not even aware exists.

I’m talking about cyberterrorism.

Right now, the world is engaged in a new Cold War — an arms race against terrorists who don’t use guns or bombs … instead they have waged war through the internet.

Imagine hackers breaking military codes and distributing this information to enemy nations on the black market … or directly targeting America’s already fragile infrastructure. The secretary of defense said they are doing everything they can to defend the United States from a “cyber Pearl Harbor” that could potentially trigger the next global conflict.

In the last few years, cybercrime costs have quadrupled.

Forbes recently dubbed it an “epidemic.”

Fortunately, the world’s corporations are not resting on their laurels.

Amazon, Microsoft and Google are already plugging funds into developing more efficient cybersecurity. JPMorgan Chase & Co. alone has thrown $500 million into the mix.

And nations are throwing their cash in the ring, too. Australia’s parliament has dedicated $230 million. The British government — $2.3 billion.

And the White House has shown exactly how seriously it takes this threat … with President Trump’s proposal budgeting a $54 billion increase to defense.

What we’re seeing is like the development of aircraft carriers during the Cold War when military contractors like Boeing shot up 2,400% in mere years.

Without question, the cybersecurity industry is set to explode — with estimates pegging the market to reach $1 trillion within a few years.

And the lion’s share of this money stands to flood into company that pinpoints the most effective approach to stopping these horrific threats.

Fortunately, after months of research and consulting with cybersecurity experts, technology expert Jeff Yastine has isolated the company that he believes will be the ultimate winner of this new technology race.

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