Paul is no stranger to extraordinary profits.

In 2008, he was practically laughed out of the room by his colleagues on Wall Street when he was keen on a little-known streaming company for around $2 a share after it had traded sideways for a decade.

That stock was Netflix, and today it trades for more than $300 a share.

But that wasn’t the only time Paul was keen to buy in on a stock early.

In April 2012, he invested in a company by the name of Sarepta Therapeutics when it was in the infancy stage of developing a drug to treat muscular dystrophy.

Eight months later, he sold his stake for a 2,539% gain.

And those weren’t Paul’s only big winners. He cashed out with a 279% gain on Facebook, 355% on Exact Sciences, 264% on Stratysys, 696% on Ariad Pharmaceuticals, 736% on Coeur Mining, and recently bagged a 1,264% gain on a company called Staar Surgical in just 10 days.

As remarkable as these gains are, Paul says they pale in comparison to the potential he sees in a new technology that some experts are calling “one of the most significant discoveries since fire.”

Microsoft is investing $12 billion in this technology.

IBM is investing $15 billion.

Google is going all in with $30 billion.

And Intel has already put up $32 billion.

And yet, just recently, the market for this technology was valued at just $20 billion.

However, it’s potential market is so massive that experts predict it will surge into a $15.7 trillion industry in just a handful of years.

That’s 76,000% growth!

Paul says an investment opportunity like this has never before been seen in our lifetimes, and that those who get in today will be positioned for what he calls “the investment opportunity of the century.”

That’s why Paul recently delivered a live presentation to a small group of wealthy entrepreneurs and investors, telling them to quickly buy the company at the forefront of this technology, while it trades for just 1/30th the price of its biggest competitors.

While this presentation was originally intended for a small audience. However, Paul has agreed to allow us to host the video on our website for a limited time.

There’s no telling how long we’ll be able to keep this video online. It could be pulled off in the next few days.

You can watch Paul’s live presentation here.