Our firm just keeps growing.

We are excited to announce that we have officially hired Matt Badiali to be our new natural resources expert. His start date is March 1.

Matt is among the best natural resources experts in the investment industry. He comes with a wealth of experience working on drill rigs, inspecting mines, consulting environmental companies, speaking at geological conferences and recommending investment opportunities that can double, triple and even quadruple your money.

A global traveler and investor, Matt Badiali takes a “boots on the ground” approach to his research. He regularly meets with C-level executives, travels to their sites and is often the first person they call when their companies launch new projects or innovations. By staying “in-the-know” on industry developments, Matt is able to help his readers profit from the latest trends in the oil, gas, metals and resources spaces.

We are looking forward to bringing Matt’s research to our subscribers and are incredibly fortunate to have join our team.

A geologist by training, Matt holds a B.S. in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and a Masters of Geology from Florida Atlantic University.

Prior to joining Banyan Hill, Matt spent 11 years at Stansberry Research where he was the editor of the Stansberry Research Resource Report, a monthly advisory focused on investments in energy, metals and other natural resources.

Matt isn’t the only new analyst we’ve hired in 2017. In January, we hired Michael Carr, CMT, one of the financial industry’s best developers of stock-and options-trading systems and a longtime member of the Market Technicians Association. Mike is already hard at work creating and beta testing new algorithms to form the basis of future trading services.

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