Internet signals are everywhere — and they can pose serious health risks. Here’s what you need to know.

Ninety percent of the world’s internet traffic travels over radio waves.

That internet router in your home uses radio waves to send information to your computer.

Your cellphone uses radio waves. So does the newest 5G technology, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence systems.

Radio waves are everywhere — and they could pose serious health risks to you and your family.

Fortunately, there is a solution — a powerful new technology that’s safer, faster … and is expected to replace the internet as we know it, forever.

Here are the five most important “internet” health risks this new technology will solve:

  1. Internet and cellphone radio waves have been linked to cancer.
    A study from the National Institute of Environmental Health and Sciences shows that exposure to radio frequency signals can lead to growth of brain tumors, and others, in lab rats. And the American Cancer Society and International Agency for Research on Cancer report that radio waves may be “carcinogenic to humans.”
  2. Internet signals can cause heart problems.
    The radio signals coming from your home internet router can raise heart rates … and even cause erratic, irregular heart rhythms, angina and hypertension. It could even lead to heart attacks or strokes. If you or a loved one have issues with your heart — it may be the radio waves from your router.
  3. The internet can affect your brain.
    Scientific research proves it: Exposure to internet radio signals can reduce brain activity. If you’re concerned about becoming forgetful, losing your memories or worse — perhaps you should rethink how you use the internet.
  4. Home internet can reduce male fertility.
    If you’re not feeling like the man you once were — you might want to turn off your internet router — it may be killing your sperm cells, and one study revealed that radio waves can even reduce your testosterone levels.
  5. Your internet could be keeping you up at night.
    Having trouble falling asleep? Or do you constantly wake up … and then have trouble drifting off again? Well, it’s not your fault. It may be the radio signals from your home internet keeping you awake.

The End of the Internet?

The little-known technology called the Hypernet will soon become the world-standard for high-speed communications – replacing the Internet forever.

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Now, before you yank your home internet out by the wires, know that there is a solution.

Jeff Yastine is the director of research for an independent research firm called Banyan Hill. He’s been researching the impact technology has on society, and the markets, for over four decades.

“Scientists have been studying the health risks of internet radio waves for years now,” Yastine says. “And today, we finally have a solution that could eliminate these health risks forever.”

He says a brand-new technology could solve ALL these health concerns…

By replacing the internet, itself, forever.

“It’s being called the Hypernet,” Yastine says, “and it may be the most important technological breakthrough of our time.”

Editor’s Note: Jeff Yastine has documented the rise of the Hypernet and the impact it’s already having on the world, in this special presentation. It’s a must-see for everyone who uses the internet, or ever will … or is interested in the potential for new technologies to change the world. Click here to view it now.

Yastine points to three major reasons the new Hypernet could soon be replacing your old internet forever.

“First off,” he said, “the Hypernet completely bypasses traditional radio waves — so it’s much safer and much better for your health.”

That one simple innovation — bypassing radio waves — also makes the new Hypernet much more secure.

“Radio signals go EVERYWHERE,” Yastine points out, “so with your current home internet, all your important, personal information becomes vulnerable to hackers. But because the Hypernet doesn’t rely on dangerous radio waves, it’s infinitely more secure.”

Thirdly, Yastine says this new technology is “fast, fast, fast. Research from Oxford University shows the Hypernet is 1,600 times faster than even the fastest home internet.”

How fast is that? “You’ll soon be able to download 20 full-length, high-def movies on your phone, tablet or laptop – in just one second”, he says.

Jeff Yastine and his team at Banyan Hill, have created a special video presentation that details everything you need to know about the new Hypernet — and the incredible impact it will be having on all of us.

Editor’s Note: In Jeff Yastine’s special presentation, The Hypernet, he reveals the secret that makes the Hypernet so fast, so safe and so important to your future. He also details the one company he says will be the dominating force in Hypernet technology, leading it from little-known tech to “internet killer” ASAP. Click here now to watch it.