Meet Randy Short.

The IRS accused this man, a simple dairy farmer, of embezzling money and immediately seized $60,000 from his bank account … even though he did nothing wrong.

Unfortunately, “guilty until proven innocent” stories like Mr. Short are becoming all too common.

And with the IRS getting the green light to hire an army of 87,000 new agents, and the Left calling for a 70% tax rate, it will soon get a lot worse.

Especially since the recently signed Executive Order 14067 — which would start the process of giving our leaders “full control over the money going into, and coming out of, every person’s account,” warns Forbes.

That includes you and me…

One financial expert is now warning that their actions will be catastrophic. He expects inflation will soar 50%, “safe” stocks will fall 90% and that we’ll see tax rates upward of 70%.

It could even bring about the end of Social Security.

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