Former U.S. Congressman Robert Bauman recently confirmed that both U.S. welfare and tax systems are being manipulated to squeeze as much as an extra $10,300 out of taxpayers’ pockets each year.

And while abuse of the tax system may come as no surprise to most Americans, what is surprising is where these additional tax dollars are ending up: in the bank accounts of three very powerful, very wealthy and very well-connected groups of political supporters.

Mr. Bauman’s new exposé details the manipulative activities and legal loopholes being used by Washington to generate upwards of $981 billion in extra annual tax revenues, and the devastating impact it is having on people’s ability to retire.

As the former congressman explained, “Right now, the minimum age one can retire at to collect full Social Security is 66. If you start work at age 22, can you guess how much money will be skimmed out of your paycheck and redistributed to this ‘Secret Welfare State’ by the time you retire?”

“It comes out to $453,000.”

His exposé not only divulges details on what is taking place: It also reveals the names of wealthy, well-connected entities who are being awarded these ill-gotten taxpayer dollars — as well as the shameful and insulting way in which elected officials are using the nation’s poor as scapegoats to redirect attention away from what is happening.

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The media in general have been very quiet on the subject — and for good reason: As Mr. Bauman’s exposé reveals, some very powerful, high-level people are involved in the scheme that is taking place.

However, those few publications that have chosen to speak out on the topic have done so with similar outrage.

In a recent issue, Forbes declared, “Where is the outrage over corporate welfare?”

And the Washington Post ran an article titled, “The United States of Subsidies.”

Missing from these articles was information on how American taxpayers can protect themselves from what is happening and protect their current and future retirement.

This is where Mr. Bauman’s eye-opening video exposé will benefit viewers most.

Mr. Bauman did much more than reveal the shocking details on what is taking place and the names of wealthy, well-connected entities that are being awarded these ill-gotten tax dollars.

He also brought on a very special guest to reveal three simple steps and tools American taxpayers can use to protect themselves from the theft that is taking place.

The special guest who appeared in the presentation was far from a typical financial adviser. The organization he helped create has already helped over 2 million people worldwide protect their money, their homes and their rights against government theft and corruption.

First and foremost among the tips and tools this guest revealed was the very first thing every American should do right now to protect themselves.

He also provided clear details on a unique retirement account that, if used correctly, virtually has no income limits, can be used by anyone and, thanks to the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005, will ensure your retirement nest egg remains 100% tax-free forever, no matter how much it grows.

He showed viewers how they can easily put together a family plan or safety net they can use in a moment’s notice to protect their savings, property and future lifestyle if the situation here in the U.S. becomes more worrisome or uncomfortable.

And he even showed people how a 60-year-old retiree could use the $10,300 that was no longer being taken out of their paychecks to add $632,000 to their retirement over the next 20 years.


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