The Director of National Intelligence somberly stepped up to the podium, pulled out his notes, and announced, “Cybercrime has surpassed terrorism as the No. 1 threat facing our nation…”

His statement came days before the Equifax breach … a breach that exposed the personal information of 143 million Americans (nearly half our country).

Social Security numbers, bank accounts, credit cards … all compromised.

Billions of dollars wiped out.


“It’s alarming that the very companies we pay to protect us from getting hacked are getting hacked,” comments Jeff Yastine, a cybersecurity expert. “Cybercrime is not just a major problem – it’s a pandemic that’s going to strike every American.”

The Equifax breach is so severe that the White House is even exploring new ways to replace our Social Security numbers with a safer system based on modern technology.

This isn’t speculation.

This is happening.

Cybercrime is growing so rapidly that experts fear it will grow 14 times worse than it is today. Businesses lose $400 billion to it annually. By 2021, that figure will grow to $6 trillion.

But it’s not just businesses. Right now, 12 people – regular hardworking Americans like you and me – are hacked in the U.S. each second. That’s more 1 million … each day.

But according to Yastine, there’s hope.

“A tiny Massachusetts-based company may have a way to thwart these vicious attacks once and for all,” Yastine says in a new video presentation.

It all comes down to a simple line of computer code that acts as a vault for your personal information. Think of it like a 20-digit passcode that changes every second.

This isn’t just a game changer for your privacy.

This could be one of the greatest investment opportunities in a generation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned investor or never placed a trade in your life. Jeff shows how anyone can use this opportunity to amass a fortune (think in the millions) with a single $50 bill.

To see all the details, watch the video below. (If it doesn’t play right away, Click here.)