You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about the “hottest” new tech story in the world right now — 5G.

And like all hot technologies, there’s no end to the number of people talking about how much money can be made investing in 5G stocks.

However, one man says hold off on investing in 5G — because he’s found something that could prove even more profitable.

Jeff Yastine is a market analyst with over 40 years’ experience tracking down and uncovering the truth about the hottest stories in the market.

And he says there are three things everyone needs to know about 5G before investing a penny.

The End of the Internet?

The little-known technology called the Hypernet will soon become the world-standard for high-speed communications – replacing the Internet forever.

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“First thing you need to know,” Yastine says, “is that, yes, 5G is already being rolled out across the country. New York City, Chicago, Atlanta and about a dozen other cities.”

“But,” he says, “it’s going to be years before 5G networks break through to become mainstream like the current 4G systems.”

Secondly, Yastine says there’s a dirty little secret lurking behind all the 5G hype — and it could spell the end of the technology before it ever takes off.

“Yes, 5G is fast,” he says, “but every 5G network is completely reliant on a 130-year-old technology to function — radio waves.”

As Yastine explains it, everything travels on radio waves.

“The internet, 5G, television, radio, the Internet of Things. All modern communications rely on these radio waves to function.”

“The problem,” Yastine says, “is that our current radio wave spectrum was never meant to handle the massive amounts of new data traveling on it. And it’s only going to get worse.”

He points to a research paper out of the European Union, that estimates 5G will add 1,000 times more data than we already have.

“The radio spectrum is simply getting over-crowded,” Yastine says. “The real problem, and what no one is talking about, is that as more and more signals are competing for smaller and smaller bandwidth — the signals begin to breakdown — they lose integrity. If you can’t guarantee enough spectrum space … if you can’t promise clarity of signal 100% of the time … 5G will be dead on arrival.”

The third fact about 5G uncovered by Yastine’s research … reveals what may be the real opportunity behind the 5G hype.

“The real story behind 5G is a lot more interesting,” he says, “and virtually no one is talking about it.”

Editor’s Note: Jeff Yastine has documented the rise of this new technology, that he calls the Hypernet, and the impact it could have on 5G and all technologies, in this special presentation. It’s a must-see for everyone interested in the potential for new technologies to change the world. Click here to view it now.

He’s uncovered a brand-new technology that could open the doors for 5G and unlock its full potential — by giving it all the bandwidth it needs.

“It’s a little-known breakthrough, that I call the Hypernet, that’s 10,000 times bigger than the current radio spectrum … and 1,600 times faster than even the fastest home internet.”

The Hypernet will give 5G — and all other technologies — all the room they need.

According to Yastine, the Hypernet will unlock a $48 trillion explosion in new technologies.

“5G could explode into a $12 trillion market. Artificial intelligence — a $15 trillion market … the Internet of Things — $14 trillion.

“Autonomous vehicles — a $7 trillion market. Virtual reality — a $814 billion market … and blockchain — a $60 billion market.

But Yastine’s investigations show that none of these technologies will ever reach full potential — if they have to rely on ancient, over-crowded radio waves.

“The Hypernet is the key to making 5G — and the entire $48 trillion windfall — possible,” Yastine says, “it’s the paradigm shift of the 21st century …  and the future of all modern communications.”

Editor’s Note: Jeff Yastine’s special presentation, The Hypernet, reveals the secret that makes the Hypernet so important to 5G … and the entire $48 trillion high-tech windfall. He also details the one company he says will be the dominating force in Hypernet technology, leading it from little-known tech to mainstream game changer.  Click here now to watch it.