The first three decades of the internet brought us email, the WWW, dot-coms, social media, Big Data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Now it’s about to bring us another major breakthrough … one that could trump all these others combined — and it will do so in scale and in reach.

In fact, in terms of opportunity and impact, it will even trump the very internet itself!

That’s why The New York Times has dubbed it part of: “Web 3.0.”

The truth is, IoT and all those other amazing innovations the original internet has given us, will mean little without this new once-in-an-epoch innovation.

It’s why Stefan Thomas, one of the world’s leading digital currency pioneers, hailed it as:

“The internet’s missing link.”

It’s also been called:

“The Eighth Continent” and the potential “Eighth Wonder of the World.”

We think it’s all of those things and more…

As does the legendary tech investing expert I’m about to introduce you too.

In fact, he’s also convinced that it’s the biggest investment opportunity to come along since the internet itself.

Actually, he believes it will surpass the internet — and not just in economic terms but also in social terms — and that it will do so in a fraction of the time.

That’s why he’s just released a spellbinding new video presentation on this epic innovation — and the impact it promises to exert on our world and on our markets.

In it, he also reveals details of the dynamic new 21st century asset class that will spring forth from it, including a peek at the No. 1 stock to buy today to profit off it … a stock he believes will deliver profits on a scale not even he’s ever seen before!

In fact, a major news outlet recently called his top recommendation:

“The hottest stock of the year.”

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