Are the days of the OPEC oil cartel really numbered?

According to one natural resource expert, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Matt Badiali is a lifelong geologist and expert in natural resources. And he says the once all-powerful OPEC is on the way out…

And the United States is taking its place as the global energy leader.

“OPEC used to be the most powerful commercial cartel in the world,” Badiali said, “but not anymore.”

Badiali cited three main reasons why OPEC is on the ropes … and could be going down for the count.

  1. A stunning report from Citigroup estimates that OPEC’s biggest and most influential member – Saudi Arabia – is already running out of oil … and could be totally tapped out by 2030.
  2. He’s also cited intercepted cables between Saudi officials – claiming that Saudi Arabia’s actual oil has been over-estimated for decades. In fact, the Saudis could have 300 billion barrels less than they claim … or roughly 40% of their supposed reserves.
  3. The cartel’s reliance on price manipulation to control the oil market has back-fired spectacularly. It’s led directly to America’s fracking phenomenon – a breakthrough that’s made America the leading oil producer in the world.

But there’s one more thing Badiali points to that could spell the end of the cartel forever.

“It no longer matters what OPEC does anymore,” he said, “because America’s developed another incredible breakthrough in oil field technology that could be even bigger than fracking.”

In an important new video briefing, Badiali calls this stunning technological breakthrough America’s “infinite oil well.”

And if his research is correct, it could prove the ultimate game-changer in the oil fields…

Because the infinite oil well has the potential to unlock over a trillion barrels of oil – once trapped below the surface.

And that, Badiali said, could be the final nail in OPEC’s coffin.

“This is more than mere energy independence,” Badiali says, “I’m talking complete and total energy domination.”

Take a few moments to watch his important new presentation – and see the true path of America’s energy future for yourself.