If there’s one thing you can rely on, it’s that Wall Street will always save the best for itself.

The best investments.

The best strategies.

The best systems.

If you want access, be prepared to fork over hundreds of thousands — even millions — of dollars … as some private equity groups and hedge funds require.

And then be prepared to pay exorbitant fees on top of that.

As corporate raider, author and fund manager Guy Wyser-Pratte put it: “The big money makers of Wall Street often mask their expertise in mystery. Frankly, I’d prefer the average investor didn’t know [our strategies].”

One young financier even opened up recently and admitted: “We don’t play by the same rules as everyone else.”

Famed investigator and Wall Street insider JL Yastine got a glaring example of this a decade ago. JL_SmallImage

Sitting in a meeting with one prestigious investor, JL was gifted a bizarre document — a stock market calendar that was created in 1905.

JL discovered that this simple calendar has accurately forecasted virtually EVERY catastrophic market crash … including the 1929 depression, the tech wreck in 2000 and the 2008 crisis.

Plus, it predicted nearly every stock market boom as well.

And while few on Main Street have ever seen it or even heard of its existence, Wall Street has been using this calendar to profit for over a century.

As one brokerage president recently admitted: “No serious trader should have it far from his hands.”

But now, after a decade of secrecy, JL Yastine is coming forward to reveal this secret calendar to Main Street investors.

More importantly, JL teamed up with a rogue analyst to upgrade this secret Wall Street calendar.

This new advanced calendar (according to over 20,800 hours of historical data) could turn a stake of just $10,000 into $1.27 million … in just 15 minutes a month.

JL says: “This project has utterly eclipsed everything I’ve come across during my three-decade career, making mincemeat of a buy-and-hold strategy.”

Part of the strategy, it seems, is to never lose money. Indeed, all the backtests show that this new advanced calendar would have made money, each and every year, for the last decade. (2008 and 2009 posted gains of 71% and 182%.)

In a new controversial video, JL reveals this new advanced calendar, and how anyone — from the first-time investor to veteran — can harness their breakthrough creation.

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“I couldn’t stay silent,” JL says. “I had to make sure every investor has their hands on this calendar so that they can achieve their financial dreams, and do it without slaving away at their computers. If you can follow a simple calendar, you now have the very real ability to retire wealthy.”

To watch Mr. Yastine’s video — while it’s still available — simply click here now.