President Trump raised tariffs on Chinese exports from 10% to 25%, sending a shockwave to the global economy.

And as American businesses feel the sting, he’s already stepping in to relieve the pain.

In fact, Trump just lifted restrictions on higher ethanol gas, giving U.S. farmers a whole new domestic market for corn for ethanol production.

It’s a bold move that has investors salivating for what this could mean for the marijuana industry.

Financial Analyst Josh Enomoto recently said: “Trump’s hardline stance will stifle economic activity. This hurts the labor market, which in turn negatively impacts political sentiment ahead of the 2020 elections.”

Bottom line: “Trump has little choice then but to loosen federal constraints on marijuana.”

And pot investing expert Matt Badiali couldn’t agree more, stating: “The marijuana market is still in its first innings.”

Using the same investment strategy he used to collect a 4,400% in his own portfolio, Matt predicts gains of 1,000% or more.

But with more than 220 marijuana stocks on the market today, it’s hard for Main Street investors to tell which ones will be wildly successful in the future.

Which is why Matt just put the finishing touches on a new video presentation that clearly details the five stocks you should own right now.

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