A handful of average Americans are mysteriously making fortunes in the stock market.

Vivian and Jeff Barns went on record saying they made an extra $707,046, growing their retirement account by nearly 74% in the past year alone.

Aaron Klingman, a retired physician, says he made a 400% gain on one trade alone, while John Danker, a civil engineer, reports making a 290% gain.

Yet another investor made a gain of $109,115, and one guy reported gains of $77,150.

Their secret … they have access to a Wall Street expert named Paul .

Paul is an investment legend who made $38 million during the 2008 collapse (without shorting stocks) and who managed a $6 billion hedge fund that was named by Barron’s as “one of the World’s Best.”

But he recently decided to help Main Street investors make the type of gains he has made for the wealthiest investors in the world.

And his newest video is making waves. In it, Paul reveals an investment that he says will “hand you a rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become incredibly rich, incredibly quickly … and it all centers on a small device that’s just a hundredth of an inch in size.”

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