Every economic revolution in the history of mankind was kicked off by a single milestone invention.

From the cotton gin to the steam engine, railroads, assembly line and first internet modem – these innovations didn’t just disrupt their respective industries. They ignited unprecedented economic progress.

Higher paying jobs were created, investment accounts boomed and people had more leisure time than previous generations.

And at this moment, one of these milestone inventions is quietly taking the country by storm.

Most people are completely in the dark about what’s unfolding. And that’s understandable. Because it’s all unfolding in the most unexpected of places: our oceans.

A $15.7 trillion economic windfall is expected to touch shores. And when that happens, the money-making opportunities will be immense.

Everyone from employees, entrepreneurs and stock market investors will find themselves swimming in newfound wealth.

Former Wall Street veteran Charles Mizrahi has just delivered an eye-opening presentation. He puts the spotlight on one company that could become the most important in the world.

And by taking action today, you can learn how to get in on the ground floor of this potential windfall of wealth.

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