One of the world’s biggest banks just made a major move into a powerful new technology that could change EVERYTHING – from finance to energy, to agriculture to even how you get married.

On February 19, 2019, JPMorgan Chase became the first bank to formally adopt a revolutionary new tech … and this move was so bold, “this could push other banks to show they’re in the game too,” CNN reported. “Banks that have a large number of institutional clients, such as Citigroup, will feel the most pressure.”

Banks want this technology because it can facilitate INSTANT transactions – no waiting days for your deposit to clear or for wire transfers to go through and that can mean fast money for banks.

The impact on banking is important, but it’s so much bigger…

The Economist hails this little-understood technology as “the next big thing” and Fortune says will “change the world.”

Marc Andreessen, creator of the world’s first web browser, even calls it: “The most important technology since the internet itself.”

The fact is, this technology will disrupt EVERY industry on the planet:

Health care: $8.7 trillion.

Automobile: $2 trillion.

Insurance: $4.5 trillion.

Banking: $134 trillion.

Shipping: $8.1 trillion.

Real estate: $217 trillion.

From real estate to banking to health care, and from shipping to insurance to automobile … over $400 trillion in various industries will be forever transformed.

And this move by JPMorgan Chase might be the first sign that an absolute cascade of wealth is coming for early investors.

One former hedge fund manager has the story behind the story on the events of February 19.

He is telling investors to jump in fast … even the end of February might be too late.

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