How can you tell if a stock has what it takes to be a millionaire-maker?

Ask yourself if it possesses these three traits:

  1. An unlimited audience for its products.
  2. Strong insider ownership.
  3. Profit accelerators.

These are the three signs of a millionaire-maker.

Apple, Google and Starbucks displayed each of these three characteristics in spades.

Each has become a global household name.

And each gave Main Street Americans the opportunity to become one-stock millionaires.

Now, a NEW company is flashing BRIGHT GREEN for all three signs.

This company is poised to DOMINATE both broadband and 5G wireless networks across an ENTIRE continent. It’s the shear definition of an unlimited audience.

And acclaimed investment expert, Jeff Yastine, expects that they will put dead center on Wall Street’s radar – creating a profit accelerator of epic proportion.

Yet, due to an unusual situation, few outside of Wall Street are even aware this stock exists.

Jeff went live, on stage, in front of a private audience to show why he believes this little-known stock could create America’s next wave of one-stock millionaires.

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