Jeff Opdyke has never been afraid to shake things up…

Using unconventional means, for example, Jeff made his clients record-breaking profits as a trader at a successful Texas hedge fund.

And Jeff stood up for average folks (when nobody else would) by lashing out against Wall Street for their questionable tactics used during the 2008 crisis … despite the fact that his exposé could have ended his 17-year career at The Wall Street Journal (see image to the right).

And now … in an era notorious for wild stock market swings and paltry returns for safe investments like bonds and CDs … Jeff is shaking things up again.

In a new video, Jeff reveals his secret to eluding stock market crashes while still pocketing huge gains.

His secret has nothing to do with shorting equities, selling options or buying penny stocks.

Instead, Jeff uses his “replay” blueprint … a strategy that targets stocks that are primed to “replay” the returns of the best companies of years past — like the next Johnson & Johnson, the next Wal-Mart, and the next McDonald’s. (An attractive strategy, since buying these stocks in 1980 could have landed you returns of 4,068%, 2,871% and 39,203%.)

Jeff states that his blueprint has made him “an absolute fortune” and that anyone can use the blueprint “no matter their age, net worth or investment IQ.”

Indeed, a few people are already using this strategy. “I made $9,127 in profits from the  ESG recommendation,” says Louis Sanchez from Chicago, Illinois.

Fred Foster from Charleston, South Carolina, adds: “I tripled my money on the palm oil stock of yours…” and Justin M. claimed that one of Jeff’s stock recommendations “was a big winner. I made $2,857.”

“When I first revealed my strategy, they laughed at me,” Jeff says, reflecting back to his days in Manhattan. “But then I showed them how high my personal investment account grew since 1995. You could have heard a pin drop.”

Despite his success, Jeff is anything but your typical arrogant millionaire. Instead, Jeff humbly credits his grandparents for his success in life. “It was my grandmother who lit the investing fire in my soul,” he says, with a trace of his Louisiana accent.

At the end of the video presentation, Jeff even gives away his top three investment picks that can be purchased immediately.

Why, one might ask, would Jeff give away his secret to success — his “replay blueprint?”

It dates back to September 11, 2001, when his outlook on life changed. “I was supposed to be at the World Trade Center,” Jeff reflects. “Call it dumb luck or divine intervention, but my train was late that day.”

It’s this outlook on life that also opened Jeff’s eyes to an entirely new way for people to invest. A unique way that lets them look over his shoulder to see his model portfolio. This revolutionary tactic includes giving people access to all of his buy and sell recommendations so that they can follow in his footsteps, and it also allows them to “tag along” as he investigates the next big winner.

“This puts their financial future back where it belongs … in their hands,” Jeff says.

With Jeff’s permission, I posted his free video below.

Click the play button to start the presentation, or go here.