“My friends were laughing at me,” Wall Street legend Paul explains.

“I told them I was going all in on Google’s IPO and they thought I was crazy, but I bought every single share I could. The stock is up over 2,400% since that fateful day.”

And that was just the start for Paul.

He went on to buy Netflix, Facebook, Tesla and many other stocks that have returned 500% or more … making millions.

Paul’s uncanny ability to pick winning stocks is the reason Barron’s crowned his hedge fund as the “world’s best” and Kiplinger ranked it in the top 1%.

But it was a controversial Fox Business interview that made him famous.

As Paul recalls, “The stock market was tanking. Everyone was warning of another 2008 crash. The host turned to me and asked if people should sell. I told him absolutely not. They should buy stocks like Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon. They laughed at my recommendations. Just like my friends laughed when I invested in Google. Well, Microsoft went up 461%, Apple went up 364%, and Amazon went up 846%.”

Paul believes most Americans continue to get fed the wrong advice from the media and even Wall Street.

So every year, Paul reveals his No. 1 stock pick to Main Street Americans …

In 2016, his No. 1 pick (Tableau Software) shot up 199%.

In 2017, his No. 1 pick (Foundation Medicine) shot up 524%.

In 2018, his No. 1 pick (Roku) shot up 393%.

In 2019, his No. 1 pick (MTech Acquisitions) shot up 332%.

And now, Paul is revealing his No. 1 stock picks for 2020 in this must-see video.

“This is like buying Google at 1/100th of the price,” says the Wall Street legend. “I’m talking about a $10 stock that’s sitting at the forefront of a $2.2 trillion industry.”

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“It’s about to make a major move,” Paul continues. “BlackRock just bought 514,000 shares, Vident just bought 404,000 shares, and Invesco just scooped up 8 million shares. It could move fast. Real fast.”

Those who want in, will have to act now.

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