We’ve warned you in our newsletters, flash alerts, special reports and video briefings.

We’ve been telling you all along that the EU was going to crumble.

Heck, just in the past fortnight, I’ve released a series of five video briefings — not only to warn you of the investment consequences, but also to show you how to turn them into major profit opportunities. (Click here for all five video recordings on a single page.)

Now, it’s all starting to happen on three battlefronts at the same time:

The first battlefront is entire countries that are rebelling against the European Union.

Battlefront #1
Entire countries exiting or planning
to exit the European Union.

You know all about Brexit.

What you may not know is that, thanks largely to the consequences of Brexit, Britain’s Office of Budget Responsibility has just slashed its economic growth forecast for 2017 to just 1.5%, down from an estimate of 2% in March.

The independent fiscal watchdog said the pain would extend until at least the end of the decade, with growth slowing to 1.4% next year and 1.3% in 2019 and 2020.

You’d think this would deter other EU members from turning sour on the European Union. Far from it! Political movements for more autonomy, for independence and for outright rebellion against the European Union are gaining momentum in almost every member state.

Battlefront #2
Major provinces or regions
splitting from member states

Catalonia declared itself an independent republic last month.

Within hours of an emotional vote by the Catalan Parliament, Spain’s prime minister announced that he would dismantle Cata­lonia’s government, suspend its ministers, dissolve its upstart legislature, take over the regional police and call home any Catalan diplomats abroad.

And that’s exactly what he did.

In recent days, the news has died down a bit. But the rupture remains. And so does the potential for many more such ruptures all across the European Union.

Battlefront #3
Political instability in the
strongest EU country of
them all: Germany.

The latest blow to the European Union hit hard just one week ago, and it could become the most-destabilizing crisis to strike that country in 12 years.

Coalition talks collapsed.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that she has failed to form a government.

And a new, turbulent, election is now inevitable.

This is the breakdown of the old guard, the surge of political divisiveness and the rise of chaos. It is the stuff of collapsing empires and splintering nations.

It comes as Brexit negotiations are getting ugly … separatist movements in Catalonia, Poland and several other countries threaten EU unity … and as nearly all of the EU faces its day of reckoning with massive amounts of DEBT.

It is a symptom of what I’ve been telling you about for weeks: A sea change in both governments and economies around the globe.

Here are the consequences …

Smart money is rushing from trouble spots like Europe and Japan, seeking a safe haven.

A tidal wave of flight capital is reaching our shores.

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