I decided pretty early on that I don’t mind a little risk when it comes to my finances.As one controversial example, I don’t have a 401k. People say I’m “leaving money on the table.” But the “free” money I get from my employer, to me, doesn’t outweigh the cost of not being able to touch my money without penalty until I’m 59 ½. I’m just not interested in living like that…So instead of socking away small amounts of money each paycheck, I take the extra cash and trade options almost every week. It’s part of how I’ve been taking an active role in my finances for the last four years.Most people don’t do this. My dad, as one example, played it safe like most people do. And I can almost guarantee he didn’t make any money in the market for 13 years between the top of the market in 2000, and until it finally reached another new high in 2013.He’s been out of the market for a few years. He was tired of watching his money suffer from endless whipsaws.But where those whipsaws scare most people, they spell opportunity for me. And a lot of people my age are reaching the same conclusion.We aren’t willing to settle for the 10% gains a year we’re supposed to expect. That’s a joke to us.Not because we’re greedy, or think we’re entitled to more. Because for most, it’s not even enough to cover the obligations we got stuck with…

The Student Loan Scam

I benefited from having a father who advised me not to take exorbitant debt in college. And I was smart enough to realize if I was going to be a teacher (my original career plan), debt wasn’t an option.So I didn’t go to an expensive college. But most students entering college didn’t get the same advice.They, and many less-financially astute parents, were promised dreams by for-profit colleges that if they went to the best, most expensive schools, everything would work itself out. They’d get a high-paying job in the field of their dreams and the debt would just be a speed bump.They got scammed.We now have a generation of young people mired in student loan debt, while the feds continue to gift corporations with low interest rates and free money to buy back their stocks.This same generation has been priced out of owning a home in most desirable areas. And the costs of goods and services are more expensive than ever.That’s why many people are waking up to the new reality…If you want any shot at making a decent life for yourself, you have to embrace risk.Risk is the only way you can make better-than-average returns in the stock market. And average gains of 10% a year simply aren’t going to cut it.Risk is a dirty word to some. To me, it’s a tool.When I place a trade, I know I can lose money. And when I do, I make sure to learn from it. That way, even my losses become an investment in my education and future wealth.I’ve mentioned before I didn’t make any money my first three years of trading. But I learned a lot. So much that in my fourth year, I more than made up for all those years I was breaking even.This is why I trade options.I realized that if I ever wanted to be able to consider myself a serious trader, and an authority people could respect in this area, I had to learn how to trade options.I also realized that if I got good enough at it, I’d be able to accelerate my path toward wealth in a way no 401k can.That’s why I trade every week, and why we keep looking for ways to help you take a more active role in your trading.Here’s why I’m telling you this…

Embrace Risk With This Options Trading Strategy

This week, we finally launched Chad’s much-anticipated Fast Lane Profits, where he sends readers an email every week, showing the two best options trades he sees in the market. Each day, he’ll show you what he’s seeing in the market or any action to take with open positions.With his Profit Radar, he can see which part of the market is entering the Fast Lane — the segment of the market set to move faster than any other.And he can go one step further to find the fastest “cars” in that lane.So each week, you get two opportunities to accelerate your gains with options — one on the fastest lane in the market, and one on the fastest car.The part that’s the most exciting to me is that you don’t have to win every time. In fact, you really only need to “win” about half of the time.We spent the better part of this year beta testing this strategy, and Chad won on a little more than half the trades.And the crazy part is, the average trade still produced a 26% gain. Even though about half the trades didn’t go our way.How?Because in those six months, he had trades like this:+109% in one day.+111% in four days.+137% in one day.+148% in three days.+158% in five days.+183% in two weeks.+246% in one day.+269% in five days.+308% in eight days.

These are the kinds of gains we always shoot for in Fast Lane Profits. With options, you accept the risk that any position can quickly go to zero, for the chance to make multiples on your money.Accepting this risk is how you speed-run your path toward wealth. It’s what I’m doing with my life right now, and I’m far ahead of most people I know who’ve played it safe.So don’t go into this trying to play it safe and win on every trade. That isn’t what this is.Go into it committed to getting better at options trading. Go into it determined to experience the joys of fast-paced trading.You can make serious money with this. And you can learn a lot.Take this opportunity to expedite both your options education and your gains with our most promising strategy yet.We have the full details on Fast Lane Profits right here.Ciao,Chris CimorelliChief Editor, True Options Masters

P.S. You should know, we’re only accepting 500 charter members into Fast Lane Profits for now.Spots are already starting to go fairly quickly, so take this opportunity to see what it’s all about.Once the 500th spot gets taken, we’re taking this video offline to avoid sharing this idea with too many people. We want to keep our edge for our subscribers, so take a look now while we still have this up.

Chart of the Day:Crypto’s Tough Week

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As I write, the entire cryptocurrency market cap is down nearly half a trillion dollars in 7 days.It’s a rough week for crypto holders, myself included.It has a lot of us asking if the top is in, or if this is yet another shakeout meant to flush all the leverage and weak hands out of the system, before another leg higher.For what it’s worth, my money’s on the latter.Take a closer look at the chart above. You’ll see that the action so far this week bottomed right around the previous all-time high for the crypto market set in early May (the yellow line, roughly).Any good breakout needs a retest, and I do believe that’s what we’re seeing here. If the week closes out above the red line, I have to see this as a consolidation of the recent new highs in the crypto market, and not as the beginning of a new bear.Crypto is a market that demands patience and sitting on your hands. Historically, these markets haven’t topped out without some degree of truly irrational, up-only style price action. That’s just not what we’ve seen lately.The longer we chop around, and the slower we rise up, the healthier this bull market is and the longer it will likely last.I’m not throwing in the towel unless BTC falls below $45k in the next few weeks. Otherwise, this bull likely carries into Q1 of next year.Maybe I’m crazy. We’ll know for sure in 5 months.Regards,Mike MersonManaging Editor, True Options Masters