The Red String of Fate Leading Us to Singapore

One short, 356-word letter derailed the global economy.

Then-President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso sent a brief missive to the 27 leaders of the European Union that kicked off a chain reaction, resulting in the end of the dollar’s decades-long descent, trapped the Federal Reserve and slowed economies in both Europe and Asia.

Those unintended consequences are also the reason one of the best investment strategies today is preparing for the complete reversal of all we have experienced in the last four years.

In this month’s issue, I explain how the strong dollar has impacted China and why its devaluation of the yuan is setting up for a massive rebound in that region. With this course in mind, I have uncovered an opportunity that has strong ties to economies that will rebound strongly when the world realizes that China is not the weak link so many wrongly perceive it to be.

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Jeff D. Opdyke