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Your September 2017 Bauman Unplugged Podcast and Transcript Are Now Available Online

Folks, I have to watch my blood pressure, I’m afraid. It’s that time of the political year again.

In this month’s Bauman Unplugged podcast, I talk about the recently released tax reform proposal from the Trump administration and the Republicans in Congress.

I’m as much in favor of tax reform and tax cuts as anyone else, but this proposal is one of the worst I have ever seen. It doesn’t do what they say it’s going to do … and it does things that they’re not talking about — things that would have a huge impact on you and me and our entire society.

I set out my arguments against it in this podcast. Specifically, I address the question of whether or not reducing the tax rate on pass-through business income to 25% would be a net benefit to society as a whole. It may benefit some of us as individuals, but I guarantee you it’s not going to be worth it.

Please consider my arguments and pay careful attention to the debate over the tax reform. I have a feeling that many of you are going to see your taxes go up as a result of this proposal … and I think the better informed you are, the better for all of us.

Click here to listen.

Click here for the transcript.

Kind regards,

Ted Bauman
Editor, Freedom Alliance