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Charles Mizrahi’s experience in high-level financial investment is undeniable.

Much more so his goal is to educate Americans about investing and lessen the financial struggle.

But how effective is it?

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Hi Charles,

I just wanted to write in and let you know how happy I am with your services. I joined 8-Figure Fortunes almost 2 months ago (after having great success with the Alpha Investor) and immediately began investing 10K in each position you recommended. I’m happy to report that I am in 12 positions so far and have a profit of over $12K… that’s 10% in only two months!

Thank you for helping me turn my focus from stressful trading to stress free investing. I thought it would feel like watching paint dry… but it is LIBERATING!!

Your newest fan,

Laura C.



Hi Charles,

I enjoy your weekly webcast. Majority of your recommendations have gains. So I am happy. Thanks to you and your team’s hardwork.

Regarding CHNG, I bought it on 6/11/2020 @ $10.75. I have a 122% gain today. Pretty awesome. Wish I bought more of it. Hindsight sure is 20-20.


Jade L.



I just recently came on board with your subscription ( i am in your Alpha Investor as well for last 9 months). Anyway, I just recently purchased Merck and Organon and am happy with progress so far.

But a big deal was last Friday I purchased XONE at $16 or so and today over $24. Was fortunate enough to buy 500 shares so picked up $4000 in a week. Unreal!! Thanks for great tip and thanks for caring about your customers.

Keep up the great work.

Bob S.



Dear Charles Mizrahi and wonderful team,

I signed on to 8-Figure Fortunes due to success and appreciation of Mizrahi’s Alpha Investor…and this has been so enlightening as well. Though I do not have as much invested with this letter yet, we have done quite well thus far and want to say a BIG thank you for everything you all do and how it is all presented. I am a stay at home mom actually now house wife who has taken over the investments while my husband works at the office. So I spend my mornings with you all…kind of fun really.

Like I told the Alpha Investor team…I was able to double down in March (where I could) due to the instructions and stories from Mizrahi. I am forever grateful for the knowledge shared. I have bought a little of each stock recommended except LSXMK, GOOS, MRK (all for personal reasons). I had and sold for profit to offset some losses VAC and LBRDA. I added to my previous CCI holdings after you recommended it.

My top performer is CRNC…up 468%. (How is wish I had more shares, but thankful for the ones I have) And my bottom dweller is our new PRG…down 0.15%… is all I can say. I wish I had had more cash to devote to this account this year, but I am more than greatly pleased with the results thus far, and look forward to allocating more to this letter in 2021.

CRNC 468%

NUAN 156%

SVMK 81%

VSEC 78%

CHNG 66%

ATUS 47%

VVI 44%

OTIS 41%

VRNT 32%

SNX 32%

IR 22%

CCI 17%



ON 5%

AAN 5%

PRG <0.15%>

All together as of today, we are up $24,650.00 on these holdings listed.

THANK YOU THANK YOU….and may you and yours all be blessed in 2021…praying for our country and the TRUTH and for President Trump…

Again THANKS and look forward to renewing…

The Sivalls, Texas



Hello Charles,

Thanks for your note on selling VVI as it had gone off of my radar a bit. On a positive note for this trade, I wasn’t in on the original recommendation but I believe I learned of it during one of your weekly updates and thus I had not purchased VVI until 11/11/2020 at a price of $26.40 so with today’s sale at $38.98 I was able to haul in a $47% gain.

Thank you for your work on this service and your great recommendations. I have also been enjoying your new Podcast and the great guests you have been talking with. I especially enjoyed your talk with Dennis Prager and was very interested to hear more about your colleague Paul whose services I also enjoy here at Banyan Hill.

Thanks again,

Bill H.



Due to when I was transferred over to this service I didn’t get into these two positions until July 2020 when the entry prices were even better. I made 101% on CHNG and 66% on GOOS!

Jaremy P.



Thank you, Charles and team, for a nice gain on NUAN. I only invested $4000 but my gain was $10,801 / 270%. Not bad.

Jed T.



Thank you Charles. I got into Cerence when I heard your recommendation and rationale. I’m glad I acted. I’m up 140% on that trade!

It’s been a few short months since I was first introduced to you and your services and I feel like I’m just starting to get to know you …. and It feels the start of a beautiful friendship!

Again, thank you for your careful research and compelling recommendations.


Trevor P.



I bought 1,000 shares at $17 and now sell at $25, a nice little profit Of $8,000, thank you.

Rick W.


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