Great Stuff Picks portfolio so hot 7 triple-digit gains meme big

Great Stuff Picks: Can’t Stop The Feeling!

I got this feeling in my portfolio. It goes electric, wavy when I read Great Stuff.

All through the market. All through my home. We’re flying up, no ceiling when we’re in the zone.

You’ve got that Great Stuff in your pocket, got those good gains on the Street…

That’s right, Great Ones. It’s time for another Great Stuff Picks portfolio review!

And there was much rejoicing! Yeaaah!

Thank you, thank you. But, you know … you guys and gals are the real heroes here. You are out there trading, investing and researching your little hearts out, and you decided to follow my research. Are you crazy?

Well, crazy has paid off … big. I mean, just look at your Great Stuff Picks portfolio today:

Great Stuff Picks portfolio June 30 2021 chart

First off … is that seven triple-digit gains I see? Why, yes. Yes, it is!

Furthermore, your total average gain — if you’re following along closely — is a whopping 103%! Nice job, you!

Also, the overall win rate is an impressive 88%, with only Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) and Decarbonization Plus (Nasdaq: DCRB) — aka Hyzon Motors — in the loss column.

Oh, and real quick on Decarbonization: If you hold DCRB stock, you probably got a notice about proxy voting on the merger with Hyzon Motors. Per the SEC, I don’t think I can tell you exactly what to do, but … the whole reason we bought DCRB was because of the Hyzon merger.

So, if you want the merger to go through — and why wouldn’t you? — you should probably follow Hyzon’s recommendations on the vote. That means approving the merger and accepting the proposed slate of board members, leadership positions and approving the issuing of additional stock, both common and preferred.

I know that Great Ones Matt G. and Tom B. had questions on this topic. I hope that answers them for you!

Now, let’s look at the Great Stuff Picks portfolio highlights:

A 400% gain on Roku (Nasdaq: ROKU)?!

Well, if you got in back in May 2019 when I first recommended it. If you waited until December 2019, you’re sitting on a gain of only about 237%.

I’m leaving my buy rating on ROKU stock because this company is going gangbusters, and it’s only going to get better as ad revenue and original content explode.

A 354% gain on CrowdStrike (Nasdaq: CRWD)!

Yes, if you bought in back in January 2020, you too could be sitting on a sizeable gain on this cybersecurity specialist.

I’m also leaving my buy rating on CRWD stock because cybercrime has only expanded in 2021, and someone needs to play Wyatt Earp in this new wild west frontier. CRWD is your Huckleberry.

A 25% gain on Nvidia (Nasdaq: NVDA)!

Yes, I know that 25% pales in comparison to the triple-digit gains above, but we literally just recommended NVDA stock at the end of May (with an official entry date of June 1). So, that’s a 25% gain in roughly one month’s time.

Sure, you can get better returns elsewhere … but are they free? Hmm? Are they?

I’m keeping my buy rating on NVDA stock as well. This company has everything a tech junkie could want. Artificial intelligence, graphics chips, data center chips, self-driving tech and soon … mobile processing tech with ARM Holdings. There are big things in store for NVDA, so buy the dips and keep holding.

Finally, we’re saying a hard “Goodbye” to a Great Stuff Picks holding today (as you could probably tell from the red highlight in the chart above):

Sell Intel (Nasdaq: INTC): I’m really sad to see Intel go. I thought the company had finally righted itself and was working toward fixing its production problems. I mean, it is … but the ride is going to be a lot bumpier than I expected.

For instance, Intel just delayed production of its newest semiconductor, indicating that new CEO Pat Gelsinger has his work cut out for him. I guess I just expected more from the former semiconductor king. We’re taking our nearly 14% profit on INTC and putting that money to better use elsewhere.

Once again, congratulations! And remember, the only way you can stop the feeling is to not participate. The Great Stuff Picks portfolio is free, so what’s stopping you?

If you’re having trouble keeping up, maybe you should read more Great Stuff! Since the portfolio doesn’t live anywhere, you must be a daily reader … a true Great One … to really get in on the action.

You can’t find it online, and I update it … basically when I feel like it. Such is the way of a free portfolio, though.

So, you have to keep reading Great Stuff, which, let’s be honest … isn’t all that hard.

But let’s say you want more! More trades. More commentary. More options. More! Well, my friends, have I got a deal for you!

Wired magazine is saying this small company “could be the [next] Intel…”

The next Intel? I just got over this one!

…and it’s easy to see why. They’re both microchip companies. They’re both from Silicon Valley. The only difference is this new company is at the start of its journey — with most of its profit potential still to be realized…

Click here to discover the details of the stock Wired says “could be the [next] Intel…”

Great Stuff Reader Feedback

It’s finally Reader Feedback time!

You longtime Great Ones already know the deal. But for you newcomers, first off, welcome! Reader Feedback day is when we answer your emails. Plain and simple. You write, we reply (most of the time). You rant, we rant back.

It’s great fun. Join in some time, won’t you? Drop us a line with your thoughts — market-related or otherwise. is where you can reach us best.

Thank you to all who wrote in about last week’s No-Google challenge! Your lyrical clue: “How do rumors get started? They’re started by jealous people and…”

All y’all who guessed “Timex Social Club” either had your Aqua Net can still in hand or constantly have synth-laden drum machine beats going in your head — hey, I don’t judge.

(Also, thanks for playing, Carole W. I appreciate the deep cut, but Johnny Crawford? We must have different interpretations of “mid-‘80s one-hit wonders,” but I appreciate you writing in all the same.)

But enough of that — let’s get on with the show.

Different Sides Of The Same Street

When will the housing market crash? When people start to realize that their house is an expense, NOT a commodity you can use to speculate!

From one who has history, the greatest teacher of all! Linda E.

Thanks for chiming in, Linda!

So, here’s the thing. Housing is technically both an expense and a commodity … or asset. Now, you and I might hold that homes are used for living in and potentially squeezing a little retirement cash out of down the road.

But this is just one perspective on the purpose of houses. And, unfortunately, homeowners and homebuyers share this runaway housing market with not just other newlyweds, first-time homebuyers and retirees … but Wall Street money too.

And I know many of you would rather not have to bid against Blackstone if you’re legitimately trying to buy a house. But asking people to stop speculating on housing?

Tell that to Wall Street. Tell that to yield-chasing investors who ditched stocks because reselling houses all of sudden nets you faster gains. (Now where have we seen this before? Hmmm…)

Even “regular” Americans (e.g., not institutional investors) who are bidding high above listing prices aren’t necessarily the culprits you’re looking for here. They just aren’t as well funded as Wall Street capital.

Many people are already getting priced out of their homebuying dreams, but until Wall Street moves on to greener, more profitable pastures … until the pandemic’s squeeze on the housing sector loosens its stranglehold … higher and higher we go!

Editor’s Note: The Final Bull Market?

One of America’s top investing minds says we won’t see another rally of this magnitude until 2040. That’s why you need to get his No. 1 stock to play this massive rally now. See the evidence HERE.

Keep On Truckin’

Good day to you, sir. I have an automotive repair shop, and here in east Texas, I can sell all of the Rangers I can get my hands on, but that is my opinion, and as the saying goes, opinions are like @$$holes — everybody has one.

Oh, by the way, why haven’t you ever discussed the growing psychedelic drug sector?

The exploding mental health problem needs a new treatment for the mental health crisis, psychedelics were being looked at in the ‘60s and ‘70s and they showed promise then, as they are now. Again, just my opinion. Lennie V.

Livin’ on reds, Ford Rangers and psychedelics…

All a friend can say is: “Ain’t it a shame?”

Lennie V., you’re today’s do-dah man — a fine and dandy day to you too, Great One!

You know, I have yet to talk about psychedelics and psychedelic-based stocks because, frankly, they’re way too fringe at the moment. Trust me, this disappoints me just as much as it disappoints you…

Sure, some psychedelics are decriminalized in some parts of the U.S., like Denver and Oakland — and it sounds like more cities are looking to follow suit. But as far as Wall Street is concerned? We’re still really early in the game.

That said … I know “really early in the game” is just how some of y’all Great Ones like to play it. If you’re the speculative type, there are a few companies that you should look into if you’re that gung-ho on beating the great psychedelic gold rush. (Ooh, new band name — I called it!)

A happy handful of psychedelic-based medicines are currently in clinical testing. Psilocybin mushrooms, MDMA (ecstasy or Molly to any old school ravers out there) and LSD show promise for treating depression, PTSD and other mental health issues.

Mind Medicine (Nasdaq: MNMD), Compass Pathways (Nasdaq: CMPS) and Numinus Wellness (OTC: LKYSF) all look promising in their psychedelic research, so far. Heck, Mind Medicine (aka MindMed) is pioneering what it calls “experiential therapies” where these psychedelics are used in a proper set and setting for therapeutic effects.

But … we’re a long way away from these treatments reaching the mainstream and psychedelics becoming even remotely legal. Even so, I really like the early news on these treatments. Any of you who know people suffering from mental health issues are probably acutely aware of how hard it can be to find treatment that works.

What do you think about all this? Are psychedelic-based medicines the way of the future? How different would the world be if “experiential therapies” were offered as alternative ways to approach mental health? Have you invested in any psychedelic stocks?

Let me know in the inbox right here!

I Have No Memory Of This…

Hi Joe, greetings from Andy in NC and thank you for your great YouTube videos so full of useful financial ideas.

I am a nervous wreck with Harry Dent and Jim Rickards warning us of a catastrophic 70% crash in the beloved stock market very soon — do you have an opinion on that happening? Also, do you think it will cause crypto to crash with the market panic? Andy R.

Why, thank you, Andy! We put a lot of effort into recording those — hang on, wait. What YouTube videos? We make YouTube videos?

Oh no. What … what videos have you found of me, Andy? I thought I got rid of all the incriminating evidence!

I joke (for the most part), but if “YouTube videos so full of useful financial ideas” sound like your cup of Texas tea, well, get the popcorn ready.

If you’ve never checked out some of my friends here at Banyan Hill, you might dig their expert advice and hours upon hours of YouTube content. You owe it to yourself to check out a quick video or two and get some fresh market perspectives.

For instance, if you click here, you can check out why Ted Bauman believes that inflation is the least of your problems right now.

Or, if you click here, you can hear Paul talk about his crypto trading secrets. (And no, I won’t spoil any secrets for you — go check it out now!)

As far as Harry Dent and Jim Rickards go … let me tell you from experience that you can predict calamity (and sell the fear) any time … any month … any year. In fact, I think that’s kind of Harry Dent’s schtick. Don’t let it get to you too much.

But I will say that something’s eventually gotta give with Wall Street’s insane valuations. You know it. I know it. Wall Street knows it … but they’re trying really hard to ignore it right now.

I’m not expecting a 70% crash in stocks, but I do expect some kind of consolidation or mean reversion to pull stock valuations back in line. How bad that correction is entirely depends on how long this bull rally goes on, and how the Federal Reserve handles inflationary pressures. But that’s another rant entirely…

And we’re outta time. That wraps it up for today’s edition of Reader Feedback. I’m sorry I didn’t get to more of your emails today. I am only one man with limited space.

Still, I love hearing from you all, and I read each and every email personally. So, continue to write in, Great Ones! Please?

In the meantime, here’s where you can find our other junk — erm, I mean where check out some more Greatness:

Until next time, stay Great!

Joseph Hargett

Editor, Great Stuff