Paul , one of the top speculators in America, has done it again…

With CNBC reporting that space stocks will be “Wall Street’s next trillion-dollar industry,” he just released the details of his #1 space stock.

And considering what’s happened with his previous top picks, this could be another home run.

His No. 1 3D-printing stock is up 177% in 18 months…

His No. 1 Internet of Things stock is up 559% in 49 months…

And his No. 1 electric vehicle stock is up an incredible 853% in 33 months…

But believes his No. 1 space stock could blow them all away … returning profits more than four times bigger than the 853% jump in his No. 1 electric vehicle stock.

That’s why he went on record to say:

Space is the industry that is going to define the next … not just the next decade … but the next several decades.

When people look back on this period, I think they’ll see THIS was the industry to invest in.

These are the developments that people will look back on and say: “I wish I bought! I wish I got into the space sector.”

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of people today say: “I wish I bought Apple or Microsoft or Amazon during the tech boom!” I bet some of you have said it, too.

Well, that’s what we’re looking at with space. This is that crucial moment.

It’s all explained in his free video briefing: “Wall Street’s Next Trillion-Dollar Industry.”




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