The End of the American Dream

Imagine an America — where your basic property rights are essentially gone.

Where the money you work so hard for is not yours … and can literally be sucked out of your bank account on a moment’s notice.

Where privacy no longer exists…

And unseen forces will be tracking, and even preventing, your ability to move about freely.

Where your assets can be seized — at will — for any reason at all … with the click of a mouse.

Where who you know, and where you go, can be monitored, tracked — and even controlled.

This is not some imagined, what-if scenario.

Wall Street legend Ian King says it’s unfolding right now.

“Not only will this dangerous new plan fundamentally change the structure of America’s entire financial system,” he says: “It will forever change life in America as we know it.”

And in his newest presentation — he’s going public with all the details.

King’s been tracking every development in this story for over 10 years. And he believes his research is pointing to one inevitable conclusion:

“The American dream — as we know it — could be on the road to extinction.”

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