Randy’s Secret Made Him $969,799…

Randy Smith must have been feeling pretty darn good on February 11.

That’s the day he received one of his biggest “MLP Checks” ever … $968,799.

That’s a LOT of money.

Yet, it was … tiny.

That’s right. Randy’s payout … thanks to owning 2 million units of his oil company … was tiny compared to the $1 billion his company paid to thousands of patriotic Americans — ordinary people who invested in units alongside him at $25 a piece.

Did you notice I said “units,” not shares…

That’s because, while it may trade like a stock, Randy’s company exists in a world of its own…

You don’t invest in shares; you invest in units. Instead of a shareholder, you become a unit holder … a silent partner in the company.

And every silent partner in Randy’s company would be getting three additional payouts … in the form of “MLP Checks” … within the year.

Some of those MLP Checks may have been for $50 or $100.

Some, a few thousand.

And others, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The more you invest, the bigger your MLP Checks will be.

In fact, Randy’s company has paid out MLP Checks four times a year, for the last 24 years…

It hasn’t missed a single payout…

Not once.

It sent MLP Checks to its silent partners like clockwork during the Tech Crash of 2000, the Financial Collapse of 2008, and even the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

It’s about as close as you can get to a guaranteed stream of endless income.

Click the link below to find out more about Randy’s company … and how you can become a silent partner for as little as $25.