The Wall Street Journal has declared a “retirement crisis.”

The average Social Security benefit is a measly $1,180 — which doesn’t even come close to covering the bills.

Meanwhile, traditional income investments such as Treasury bonds and CDs pay insulting returns of 1% to 3% at best…

Even the average S&P 500 dividend-paying stock pays a paltry 3.26% yield.

That’s why, for several years now, I’ve been showing a small, private group of investors and retirees how to tap into a powerful income stream that puts thousands of dollars in your pocket each month — regardless of age or education.

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It’s all part of a research service I call Pure Income.

In Pure Income, I’ll show you how to earn extra income, fast!

People are using this exact strategy to double their investment accounts in less than year.

This is not some high-risk, speculative strategy either.

In fact, I designed this service with safety as my No. 1 priority.

That’s why my Pure Income subscribers are able to boast an impressive win rate that’s practically unheard of in the investment world.

It’s my formidable track record that makes Pure Income one of the best, safest and most profitable investment services we offer.

Plus, it requires virtually no effort on your part.

I’ll do all the legwork for you. I’ll find investments that are as close to a “sure thing” as you can get anywhere in the financial landscape. And I’ll tell you everything you need to know to start earning extra income, every month.

I’m confident that after you try Pure Income, you’ll never look at investing the same way again.

And you’ll never even think about wasting money on CDs, bonds or dividend stocks.

What Subscribers Are Saying:

Brandt H. says: “I love this service and the suggestions are great. I feel Chad Shoop is great and knows what he is doing.”

Silvana P. says: “I am new to this organization and I have to let you know I truly enjoy your emails and the research, and the way you explain what and how to go about the topic at hand. Looking forward to many emails!”

David C. says: “I have placed 10 trades with you for a 100% success rate.”

Pure Income Includes:

  • Model Portfolio: An online portfolio graph that maps out all current positions, their options symbol, buy price, current price, close price and total gain percentage.
  • 24/7 Website Access: You’ll have an exclusive login and password to our encrypted website, where you can access every update, every special alert, the entire model portfolio and more.
  • Text Alert Option: Any time I issue a trade alert, we’ll immediately text you so you have the chance to take action as soon as possible.
  • Weekly Position Monitoring: I keep track of all current positions and release weekly email updates on what is going on with them, as well as on the companies behind the stock.
  • Trade Alerts: These instant alerts explain when to get in or out of a particular trade, and precisely how to complete the order.
  • Quarterly Video Mailbags: In these, I answer all your questions about my service.
  • Intro to Options: This introductory course tells you everything you need to know before you start trading options in the stock market.
  • 7-Day Getting Started Series: This series is packed with everything you need to know in order to be successful using the Pure Income strategy.
  • Power Options: I filmed these tutorials to show you how to boost your options strategy and take it to the expert level.

Join today and start your journey to more profitable investing!


Chad Shoop

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