I’ve spent over two decades developing and perfecting my own unique trading tool kit to achieve the best results out there.

It’s how I became one of a few Chartered Market Technicians in the world — a designation that’s only given to people who have mastered every single aspect of technical trading.

And that’s why my Peak Velocity Trader system — a system I spent $300,000 of my own money to create — is so successful.

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After spending 10 years testing it in my own account, I was able to discover the secret strategy behind hidden “velocity trades” — a tactic that flies in the face of Wall Street’s accepted “buy low and sell high” rule.

Peak Velocity Trader takes the buy low, sell high strategy and applies it to stocks that are showing true velocity in the market.

It’s an unconventional way to make life-changing amounts of money, quickly and consistently.

My velocity trading strategy rips gains out of the market every week.

And every single one of those gains came within a two-month window — allowing investors to get in, get out and get paid … almost every single week of the year.

Now, Wall Street elites aren’t exactly happy with me for sharing this trading strategy with the public — because it impacts their bottom line.

But that doesn’t concern me. As soon as I realized the enormity of my strategy’s potential, I immediately set off to share it with you, so you can have the chance at a steady string of quick winners too.

Now, with Peak Velocity Trader, you can get my proprietary, velocity trading strategy that uncovers stocks that are poised for extraordinary moves.

We’re in for a fast, profitable ride — and it’s not too late for you to join!

Peak Velocity Trader Includes:

  • Instant velocity trade alerts: Instantly receive trade alerts via email or text message when my velocity trading system receives a trade signal. Trade alerts can occur roughly three times per month — sometimes more — and the trade alert will include all the information you need to buy or sell the position, including the options symbol, buy price and my reasoning behind the recommendation.
  • Weekly position monitoring: My team of financial analysts and I keep track of all current Peak Velocity Trader positions and release weekly email updates on what is going on with the positions and the companies and markets behind the stock.
  • The Options 101 Guide: A guide on how to master options trading. The guide includes video as well as written reports.
  • Model portfolio: An online portfolio graph that maps out all current positions, their options symbol, buy price, current price, close price and total gain percentage.
  • 24/7 access to the associated website.
  • Text alert option.

What Subscribers Are Saying:

– Stephen and Mary McArthur said: “We both think Michael is a genius and look for his guidance on what he thinks the market is really doing. We have not had the money to invest in his options, but after the new year we plan on making his service more of a job. We both want to thank him for his service to our country and now his generous help to the common man.”

– Mark B. said: “This is my first time writing in, and I just want to thank you for all of your guidance in options trading. My first options trade was less than a month ago, and I would’ve never even considered options trading on my own. Thanks to your video that first piqued my interest, and your getting-started series, I now feel I have some confidence of how this works. And thanks to the BSX trade, I’m blown away at how well it works, and how fun that was. I’m looking forward to all future recommendations.”

– Robert C. said: “Recent gains and today’s gains have given me the confidence to go on to larger and more meaningful options trades in the future. I recently purchased a lifetime membership to the Total Wealth Fellowship, and I am sure it was a good decision.”

– Yvonne W. wrote: “I subscribed to both your services since this July and already made hundreds of dollars. This is amazing. I never thought I’d be able to achieve financial freedom in the near future, but with your help, it seems possible now! Please keep up with your good works! Reading your email becomes a big part of my daily life now, and I’ve learned so much from your emails the last couple of months.”

Join today and start your journey to more profitable investing!

Mike Carr
Michael Carr
Editor, Peak Velocity Trader

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