Welcome to One Trade: a breakthrough trading service that gives you the chance to generate astounding gains on a weekly basis.

Most investors wait years before seeing any returns. Even then, those are usually small.

So, Chartered Market Technician Michael Carr set out to help hardworking individuals — especially those with no prior knowledge of the market — make life-changing profits in the shortest time frame possible.

Using his decades of experience as an analyst and trading system designer, Michael created a strategy that beats the market. It pinpoints options on the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust (DIA) that have the highest probability of delivering gains.

During extensive beta testing, Michael discovered that with One Trade, a $500 account has the potential to grow to $3,848 in just four months. That’s a 670% gain!

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It’s an effective, high-speed options service like no other.

With alerts coming your way five days a week, One Trade zeros in on trades that can bring consistent gains week after week. There’s always plenty of price action to capitalize on with this fast-paced strategy.

As a member of One Trade, you’ll receive:

  • Trade Alerts: When the One Trade system triggers a signal (on average two to three times a week), Michael will immediately send you an email with trade instructions. On days with no trades, you will still receive an email letting you know that no action is required that day. You’ll never have to worry about whether you’ve missed a recommendation.
  • Michael’s One Trade Trading Manual:This detailed guide contains a thorough overview of Michael’s approach to trading this service, what kind of trades to expect, how to trade and how to exit.
  • Portfolio Updates: Twice a month, Michael will share a recap of all the trades recently closed out in the portfolio to help you keep tabs on the progress of your returns.
  • 24/7 Access to the Members-Only One Trade Website: You will receive a login and password to our encrypted One Trade website. This contains every single trade alert, weekly update, video and guide that Michael and his team create.
  • Real-Time Access to the One Trade Model Portfolio: This model portfolio is your wealth-building meter. It will give you a constant, up-to-date tally of how much the portfolio has grown from the day the One Trade system went live right up until the present moment.
  • Direct Support From a Dedicated Customer Service Team: We have a dedicated, top-of-the-line customer service team here to answer any questions you may have about your subscription.

Again, welcome to One Trade!

Now that you’re here, get excited, because you’re in for a fast and lucrative ride. Everything you need has been specially prepared for you so that you can trade with One Trade like a pro.

Michael Carr
Michael Carr
Editor, One Trade

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