Wall Street Legend Issues Urgent Buy Alert: “Invest in This Company NOW”

Paul is a legend on Wall Street.

His asset management company ballooned from $3 billion to $25 billion during his tenure. In 2008, he turned a $50 million account into $88 million, a 76% return during one of the worst years for stocks on record. And his personal track record includes such monstrous wins as a 696% gain on Ariad Pharmaceuticals, 736% on Coeur Mining and 2,539% on Sarepta Therapeutics – stocks most people had never even heard of.

However, recently Paul left Wall Street to start a new venture on Main Street.

Essentially, he allows folks to look over his shoulder and see the stocks he would otherwise recommend for his wealthy clients. And the results have been incredible.

Thanks to Paul’s research, people are reporting making money hand over fist.

One gentleman, Pete G., says he’s up “well over $100,000” thanks to Paul.

Another man, Charles H., invested $4,000 in one of Paul’s picks and made $120,000.

And amazingly, one couple from upstate New York put $175,000 into one of Paul’s recommendations two years ago and today. They recently sent us a screenshot of their investment account and – thanks to Paul – today their net worth has shot up to $15 million!

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However, Paul says the recommendations he made that helped these folks pale in comparison to the one technology he’s targeting for his next recommendation.

It’s the company that holds the KEY to one technology – set to take the world by storm – surging from a $20 billion industry today to one worth $15.7 trillion by 2025.

That’s 76,000% growth from today’s levels.

The best part is that you can buy the company at the forefront of this technology today as it trades for just 1/30th the price of its major competitors.

That’s why Paul recently pulled out all the stops to record a presentation he gave to a group of elite entrepreneurs. While he originally intended for this presentation to be viewed by a small audience, Paul released a digital copy of his presentation to get this message out to as many people as possible.

The last three times Paul gave a presentation like this one, the stocks he recommended shot up with peak gains of over 300%, 125% and 524%.

However, Paul says this one company will not trade at this low level for long once Wall Street understands its true potential. If you watch this video within the hour, and put even a small stake into the company Paul is recommending, it could result in life-changing fortunes as this industry surges 76,000%.

You can watch a full recording of Paul’s presentation here while there’s still time.

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