It’s happening again…

Like stocks, the crypto market is dropping.

CNBC reported: “BTC drops below $36,000 amid a broader market sell-off.”

And the naysayers are now coming out in full force.

Forbes said “a veteran trader has warned BTC could fall all the way down to $10,000.”

Others are saying it’s “positioned for a crash below $30,000.”

The last time cryptos crashed, in 2018, my friend and top crypto expert, Ian King, made a surprising recommendation.

And those who followed it had a chance to capture 1,000% gains in under a year.

Today, Ian is stepping forward with another recommendation…

It’s not BTC…

But a crypto that experts say will be 20 times bigger!

Even Elon Musk made sure it was one of the three coins he owns.

I’ve never seen anybody else talk about this.

So grab a pen and piece of paper and watch Ian’s latest interview.

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