1 Experts Answer May Surprise You

“In times of financial trouble, in times of uncertainty and when investors are feeling risk averse, gold will always be a go-to” 
~ Rhona O’Connell, Head of Metals Research and Forecasting, at Thomson Reuters 

Financial trouble … YES!

Uncertainty … YES!

Investor risk aversion … YES!

All the forces are in play for gold to begin an epic rally, just like it did the last time the economy went through a financial crisis.

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Look at how gold outpaced stocks after the 2008 market crash…

It’s likely that the ultimate safe haven investment could begin another historic run.

A great way to gain exposure to gold’s potential bull run is SPDR Gold Shares (NYSE: GLD) or the iShares Gold Trust (NYSE: IAU). These funds track the price of gold and are an easy way for those participating in the market to gain exposure.


There’s another metal that our team has been tracking for quite some time that we believe everyone should seriously consider.

It’s a metal that we are confident could trump gold’s gains … in a BIG way.

It’s not silver, platinum or any other precious metal.

It’s not aluminum, nickel, iron ore or lithium, either.

In short, it’s a “magic” metal with unheard of superpowers that other metals simply don’t have.

It’s in everything from airplanes to automobiles … batteries to boats … cosmetics to computers … surgical tools to smartphones … tractors to turbines…

It even has miraculous medicinal powers.

Scientists are using it to fight diabetes, depression, low blood pressure, hair loss and fatigue. It aids in weight loss, improves vision and it can even protect you against many kinds of cancer.

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