Wall Street has brainwashed investors into believing that making fortunes investing in IPOs is reserved for an insider elite …

That the truly ground-floor opportunities are just too difficult, too risky, too unknown to the average investor.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Because the fact is, 9-times out of 10, IPOs fall below their IPO price … leaving “insiders” holding the bag.

Yet, over time more than half of all IPOs go up. And if you can catch a new offering at what I call its “Alpha Moment,” the profits can be life-changing.

On average, 20 companies come to market each and every month. That means 24 companies will hit their “Alpha Moment” in the next year. This affords six-figure profit opportunities on even the smallest stake.

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And that’s what I’m going to bring to you in IPO Speculator.

The key is my 25-point IPO rating system. My team of analysts and I devoted countless hours of research, combing through thousands of data points, spending an embarrassing sum of money on Wall Street’s IPO-centric research organization …

And we identified the golden thread … the DNA of the most-profitable IPO opportunities. Plus, the timing indicators to nail their “Alpha Moments.”

For example, my historical analysis pinpointed a medical diagnostics company called Semler Scientific. Wall Street’s top clients … those with privileged access … scooped up shares at IPO setting themselves up for a triple-digit gain. But those who jumped in at our “Alpha Moment” earned well over the average profit.

Lantheus Holdings is another example. The Wall Street elite who got in at IPO have made a solid triple-digit gain. But those who waited for our “Alpha Moment” set themselves up for returns much greater than that.

There are so many examples in my research — and I’m excited to get you started.

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