Imagine being there for the first industrial boom…  

Thanks to Henry Ford, assembly lines cranked out products faster and cheaper than ever before. And “luxury” goods could be had for pennies on the dollar.  

Or better yet, imagine being an early investor in Ford.  

Like John S. Gray, a Detroit banker.  

He bought 105 shares worth $10,500 in 1903. Just 16 years later, his shares were worth $26,250,000.  

That’s a 2,500-fold return.  

And he was just one of thousands to enter the new “Fordian Millionaire Class.” 

Now, a new industrial boom is set to disrupt manufacturing right here in America.  

The Economist calls it a “rust-belt revival.” 

Technology trend expert Jack Uldrich says technology behind it, “will make many traditional methods of building and food production obsolete.” 

And ABC News says it, “highlights an unflinching American spirit of ingenuity.”  

This boom is revitalizing American manufacturing and reversing decades of American decline.  

Like the assembly line, it could mean huge savings AND job opportunities for Americans.  

And just like with the assembly line, it could usher in an entirely new class of millionaires. Because this technology is set to grow from a $65 billion niche to a $100 trillion mega-market over the next decade.  

It’s happening all across the country, and even in my own small town in North Carolina.  

So I want to share the inside scoop on one local company and some of the other innovators who I believe are ready to see massive growth.   

They’re taking the supply chain back from the world stage and reshoring manufacturing to American soil. 

I believe this new industrial boom is the best thing to happen to American manufacturing since Ford’s assembly line. And it’s your chance to get in on the ground floor.   

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