Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz just recently created a new fund … a crypto fund.

He raised $4.5 billion from heavy-hitting investors.

Then the market tanked…

Bitcoin is down 70% from its all-time high…

So is Ethereum…

But guess what?

Dixon and his investors aren’t panicking. He didn’t get a flood of calls from people demanding their money back.

That’s because he told them beforehand that they “have a 12-year plus horizon” and that “there are going to be bad headlines.” But he really believes in this and he’s devoting his career to it.

So while the rest of the world is going crazy about Coinbase shedding employees … or popular cryptos plummeting … the smart money is staying on course.

In fact, Dixon said he’s “very bullish.”

He said there are two sides to this story.

The financial news headlines, which are akin to the “crazy uncle that’s jumping up and down,” worrying about the big drops and throwing champagne celebrations on the big runs.

Then there’s the technology side…

The side that venture capitalists like Chris understand very well.

After all, these are the guys that backed Facebook, Twitter, Stripe and many more tech behemoths while they were in their early stages.

That’s why he’s focused on the infrastructure … and if the technology is on the right track.

That’s exactly why I recommend following the smart money.

Because soon enough, the big money will follow, and that’s when the biggest profits will be made.

Everything could unfold next week … or years down the road. The important thing is to be ready.

That’s why I alerted people to this one coin that the smart money is moving into right now.

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