Major automobile manufacturers are moving from gasoline-powered cars to electric vehicles at a breakneck pace…

Jaguar’s goal is to be 100% electric by 2025.

Volkswagen plans to stop producing gas cars by 2026.

And GM wants to be all electric by 2035.

This is why CNN claims “the electric car race is just beginning.”

But there’s something interesting going on behind the scenes in the electric vehicle race that no one else is talking about.

It’s called “MaaS.”

MaaS is a new technology that’s on the cusp of igniting the biggest upheaval to the transportation industry in over 100 years.

Amazon is investing $1.2 billion into MaaS technology … GM is planning on investing $27 billion by 2025 … and Google is investing more than $30 billion.

Today, MaaS is currently a $70 billion technology.

But by 2028, experts expect it to blossom into a $1.8 trillion industry.

One of America’s top technology experts, Ian King — whose readers recently closed out exceptional gains of 735% on Tesla in 13 months, 136% on Inspire Medical in 7 months and 780% on half of his SunPower recommendation also in 7 months with the second half still climbing — says one tech stock is positioned perfectly to ride this MaaS revolution as it begins to sweep across the country.

It’s a small California-based tech company with 55 MaaS-specific patents … and deals are already in place with major companies like General Motors, Uber and Toyota.

For complete details on this fast-approaching tech revolution … and details on Ian’s No. 1 MaaS stock to buy today…

Ian just put together this special video presentation with everything you need to know.




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