In 2006, a prominent Wall Street insider handed us a mysterious document that has forever changed the way we look at investing.

This document — a 111-year-old “financial calendar” — has correctly timed every major market move over the past century.

When I looked at this calendar, what I found was nothing short of extraordinary.

And it’s what I based my system on.

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Released to the public in 2016, Automatic Profits Alert has harnessed the money code inside this mysterious calendar — and turned it into one of the most formidable profit formulas I’ve ever seen.

Cross-examined over a decade, and back tested across 20,800 hours of real market data … I’ve reverse-engineered this financial calendar to not just predict larger market moves, making it virtually crash-proof, but to predict the peak profit seasons in more than a dozen market sectors each year.

It’s like investing in an eternal bull market. You’ll make money no matter which direction the market is heading.

After all, just like every industry and every company, the stock market goes through cycles. The “Wall Street Calendar” that I use for Automatic Profits Alert is built on the notion that every sector of the stock market has a remarkably consistent “prime season” regardless of what is happening in the market.

These prime seasons can be as short as a few weeks or as long as several months. When playing these cycles, investors can buy the sector during the tail end of the low season, in order to make substantial gains during prime seasons.

But this strategy doesn’t only offer profit opportunities during a sector’s prime season. I occasionally recommend a way to profit from “inverse” prime seasons — essentially the period when a sector slumps — without shorting a stock. I find the inverse exchange-traded fund (ETF) that I think is the best one for readers, and immediately alert you to it. Investing in one is exactly like investing in a stock. But when a sector — for instance, the oil sector — declines, your investment rises.

Unlike my other financial newsletters, Pure Income and Quick Hit Profits, this strategy doesn’t use options. Automatic Profits Alert readers buy shares of stocks and ETFs and hold them for a relatively short term.

The best part? It requires very little work on your part!

I’ll tell you what to buy, when to buy and when to sell.

With just about two trades every month, you’ll be well on your way to making market gains with such ease, most financial managers would say it’s not legally possible.

It could make investing one of the easiest aspects of your life.


  • The Automatic Profits Calendar for that particular year. (I update it in January each year.)
  • The original Wall Street Calendar: Save this and keep it for your records.
  • Model Portfolio: An online portfolio graph that maps out all current positions, their options symbol, buy price, current price, close price and total gain percentage.
  • 24/7 Website Access: You’ll have an exclusive login and password to our encrypted website, where you can access every update, every special alert, the entire model portfolio and more.
  • Text Alert Option: Any time I issue a trade alert, we’ll immediately text you so you have the chance to take action as soon as possible.
  • Weekly Email Updates: I keep track of all current positions and release weekly email updates on what is going on with a company’s earnings drifts.
  • Trade Alerts: These instant alerts explain when to get in or out of a particular trade, and precisely how to complete the order. When my system signals the start of a new drift, you will get an email alert about it.
  • Quarterly Video Mailbags: In these, I answer all your questions about my service.

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Chad Shoop

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