Are you relying on friends for stock advice … or worse, social media?

Or maybe you put your faith in a stockbroker … or financial websites.

But what about the Bible?  Yes, the Bible.

Mike Huckabee, a Baptist minister and former governor of Arkansas recently spoke about his interpretation of a very important message from the bible … and how it relates to investing.

You can listen to him discuss it with Charles Mizrahi in this video.

The message is found in the Parable of Talents … which is in the book of Matthew.

This parable teaches that it’s our duty, and our challenge, to grow our money … to invest it and put it to good use … rather than keeping it stuffed away in a savings account or spending it in some frivolous way.

However, while the Bible has inspired Huckabee to invest his money, he confessed that … like most people … he was often confused about how to do it smartly and confidently.

That is, until Charles Mizrahi showed him a secret that has helped him … and nearly 100,000 other hardworking Americans … learn to invest just like the pros on Wall Street.

As Huckabee put it: “You have to see it to believe it.”

Click here and watch as Mike Huckabee and Charles Mizrahi shed light on this secret.

Some are even calling it a “Miracle on Main Street.”

Click now to see the details.




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