People laughed at Paul when he went ALL-IN on Google’s IPO.

“I bought every single share I could. I literally went all in. My friends thought I was crazy,” the Wall Street legend explains. “The stock is up over 2,400% since that fateful day.”

And that was just the start for Paul.

He went on to recommend Netflix, Facebook, Tesla and many other stocks that have climbed 500% or more … making millions.

Paul’s uncanny ability to pick winning stocks is the reason Barron’s crowned his hedge fund as the “world’s best,” and Kiplinger ranked it in the top 1%.

But it was a controversial Fox Business interview that made him famous.

As Paul recalls: “The stock market was tanking. Everyone was warning of another 2008 crash. The host turned to me and asked if people should sell. I told him absolutely not. They should buy stocks like Microsoft, Apple and Amazon. They laughed at my recommendations.”

Paul’s recommended stocks are now up 461%, 364% and 846%.”

Paul believes most Americans continue to get fed the wrong advice from the media and even Wall Street.

So every year, Paul reveals his No. 1 stock pick…

In 2016, his No. 1 pick (Tableau Software) shot up 199%.

In 2017, his No. 1 pick (Foundation Medicine) shot up 524%.

In 2018, his No. 1 pick (Roku) shot up 393%.

In 2019, his No. 1 pick (MTech Acquisitions) shot up 332%.

And now, Paul is revealing his No. 1 stock picks for 2020 in this must-see video.

“It’s like buying google at 1/100th of the price,” says the Wall Street legend. “It’s a $10 stock that’s sitting at the forefront of a $2.2 trillion industry.”

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“It’s about to make a major move,” Paul continues. “BlackRock just bought 514,000 shares, Vident just bought 404,000 shares, and Invesco just scooped up 8 million shares. It could move fast. Real fast.”

Those who want in will have to act now.

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