In 2019, his No. 1 pick shot up 397% in a year and a half.

In 2020, his No. 1 pick shot up 149% in one year.

His best pick of 2021 so far is already up 31% in just five months.

And now, Charles Mizrahi is revealing details on his No. 1 stock recommendation in a must-see video.

“I’m giving away details on my No. 1 stock pick,” says this Wall Street protégé. “It’s a $10 stock that’s sitting at the forefront of what will become a $7 trillion industry. I expect it to grow exponentially this decade.”

And no wonder… His research shows this underestimated industry growing 63,000% over the next 10 years.

Click here to get details on Charles’ No. 1 stock pick.

Charles doesn’t have a crystal ball but has recommended several stocks as if he had one, including long-term stock recommendations with peak gains of 1,070% on Microsoft, 705% on Atrion and 650% on Huntington Ingalls Industries.

It’s why Barron’s ranked him America’s No. 1 trader, why The New York Times covers him and why MarketWatch named him a “top 10 advisor.”

But a few years ago, Charles shocked his Wall Street colleagues and clients when he closed shop to help those on Main Street.

“I got tired of helping the rich get richer,” he explains. “Now I have a bigger mission … to help everyday Americans — people like my father and the taxi drivers, janitors and teachers I grew up with in Brooklyn … ordinary, hard-working people … capture their share of the American dream.”

One of his favorite messages from his readers is from Stuart A.

“I came to the U.S.A. with two suitcases and a young family 23 years ago, and I’m now living the American dream due in large part to you. I have come to trust you enormously. God bless.”

And that’s why he’s sharing so openly about his No. 1 stock pick for 2022 here.

“It’s about to make major moves,” Charles continues. “North Fourth just bought 330,000 shares, Lion Point Capital 400,000 shares … and Cooper Creek Partners scooped up $4.6 million of this company. It could move fast. Real fast.”

Those who want in will have to act now.

Click here to get details on Charles’ No. 1 stock pick.





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