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You’re IN! Strong Hands Nation — Unite!

You’re IN! Strong Hands Nation — Unite!

Did you notice our new Reader Spotlight in this Thursday’s article?

Here are a couple more:

It’s going to become a new Bold Profits Daily tradition!

Because YOUR stories inspire us. It shows that you are the BOLD in Bold Profits Daily.

And we think hearing real stories from the Strong Hands Nation will inspire you, too.

Investing takes guts, especially the way you invest.

You’re speculators — taking chances on the future, on innovations that will change the world!

It takes courage and we want you to know you’re not alone. You have us and the rest of the Strong Hands Nation on your side.

So, if you have a story to share or a question for one of our gurus — send them our way!

We’ll sprinkle these into your Bold Profits Daily from time to time, so be on the lookout.

Share your Strong Hands stories with us here:


Your Strong Hands Nation Starter Kit

How can you invest in America 2.0 and our major mega trends now? Well, you can start here. Check out our recommendations this week:

  • Cryptos: Buy Early for Biggest Gains. We’ve hit you with some HUGE crypto predictions this year. But some of you might be thinking: “What is a crypto and blockchain?” I believe the timing to buy cryptos is just right!
  • 2 Portfolios for the Fourth Industrial Revolution NOW. Every step has led to this moment — the Fourth Industrial Revolution! And it will be greater than any of the other industrial revolutions combined. The technology is exploding! And the market loves growth.
  • Your Blueprint for Strong Hands. “Every time another investor finds a reason to doubt me, I prove him or her wrong. Every time. My secret? Strong Hands.”


Your Bold Profits Team

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