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Why The COVID-19 Crisis Will Make America Stronger

Why The COVID-19 Crisis Will Make America Stronger

One of the things I love most about America is our ability to bounce back when times get tough.

When the current corona-crisis ends, it’ll be America 2.0 stocks that lead the way for the economy.

The mega trends I’ve been talking about for years are about to make a massive difference in the U.S. And I want you to be ready when the economy surges back to life.

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We Will Emerge Stronger

I have been telling people for nearly four weeks now that I believe what is going on with the coronavirus is a panic and it’s something I believe is going to pass.

I’ve been telling folks on Twitter (@MampillyGuru) that this moment, while incredibly painful and very difficult, I believe it’s also an opportunity for our country, our economy, our stock market and our people.

We are all doing our part.

We are either social distancing, making sacrifices, companies are paying extra money to their workers to get through this period.

Personally I have witnessed incredible moments of generosity where people have been going out of their way to help each other out.

This is a moment for America.

I believe that when we come out of this, America will be stronger, the American economy will grow faster and our stock markets will rocket higher.

Right now we are leaving the old America behind.

What is coming is America 2.0.

This is An Important Moment

keep calm and invest onWhen you look at the stock market, it is the stocks of the new, the stocks of America 2.0, the stocks of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that are leading.

These stocks are going up and continue to get stronger and stronger as the stocks of the old are weakening and getting weaker.

I believe the opportunity for America, us as a country, us an incredible enterprising nation that knows how to come together in times of crisis.

If you are an investor, I believe you will be rewarded for having sat through this incredible period where prices went down in a straight line for a number of weeks.

If you are looking for something to buy, I believe America 2.0 stocks are going to lead the recovery, both in the economy and in the stock market.

It’s all here, in my America 2.0 video presentation.

That’s where I believe the biggest money is to be made.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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