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Why Energy, Housing and Retail Stocks Will Bring You Triple-Digit Gains

Why Energy, Housing and Retail Stocks Will Bring You Triple-Digit Gains

If there’s one surefire sign an economy is healthy, it’s confident consumers.

Despite all the recession talk, a secret boom is brewing and setting certain stocks up to soar even higher. Just take a look, as the evidence is building to support huge gains coming in stocks:

  • Target and Walmart reported that e-commerce sales surged about 34% and 37% respectively this year.
  • The white-hot housing market is being fueled by near-record-low interest rates and unemployment.
  • The move to solar energy is taking off.

This all means consumers are confident. And this trend isn’t going to slow down…

Millennials are poised to become the biggest consumers in the U.S.

They’re investing their money in stocks with an eye toward innovation and the future.

From new energy innovations to housing and workplace stocks, the secret boom for the economy is about to make some huge waves. You’ll want to be riding these fortune-building trends in the years to come.

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