If you have recently found a charge on your credit card or bank statement from PSV* Automatic Profits Alert it’s because you have subscribed to one of Banyan Hill’s financial services by the name of Automatic Profits Alert.

PSV Credit Card Charge Automatic Profits

  • Automatic Profits Alert is a trading service. Powered by a secret calendar passed among investment titans over the past century … Automatic Profits Alert delivers market-crushing returns up to 171 times higher than the stock market, and it guarantees you’ll avoid those devastating market selloffs.
  • If you find that you are not receiving your Automatic Profits Alert subscription materials or have a billing inquiry, please contact our customer service department using the contact information below:
    • Call our Customer Service team toll-free at 1-866-584-4096 Monday-Friday between 9 am and 8 pm ET.  International customers can contact us at 410-622-3003.
    • To reach us by email, please use our Contact Us form found on our website here: http://banyanhill.com/contact-us/