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Virtual America 2.0 Tech Set to Ignite the 2020 Housing Boom

Editor’s Note: Hey Bold Profits Nation! Paul here. I want to introduce you to our new America 2.0 correspondents for your Thursday editions. These pumped up America 2.0 days will give you an update on our mega trends and stocks pushing this economic upgrade forward to the biggest bull market in our history.

Today, you’re going to meet my superstar right-hand Analyst Tamara Barkhanoy. Some of you might recognize her from True Momentum or Extreme Fortunes. But to properly introduce you, I sat down with Tamara at the Total Wealth Symposium to talk about what she’ll be bringing to the Bold Profits Daily table. Check out our interview here.

And if you need an America 2.0 primer before Tamara dives into one of its main drivers, you can watch my video here. Enjoy your new coverage from the frontlines of America 2.0!

Story Highlights:virtual home tours

  • America 2.0 is sprouting wings in the real estate sector — making homebuying easier and more efficient.
  • Being stuck at home didn’t slow sales. Ninety-two percent of new home sales still pushed on thanks to new virtual technology.
  • How you can get laser-focused America 2.0 real estate stocks before the housing boom leads them to new highs.

Three and a half years ago, I moved from Moscow, Russia, to America for my master’s degree in finance.

Imagine moving to a country that is completely different from your own. You don’t know anything about the housing, neighborhoods, public transportation, or even where to get your groceries.

For me, I was shocked that apartments here don’t have central lighting in every room. So the first thing I had to invest in were lamps. And it took a couple of weeks of shopping at CVS before I discovered Whole Foods.

Don’t get me wrong — this transition was an exciting time for me.

But the move itself really wasn’t.

I’d go as far as calling it a nightmare.

Back in 2016, my only option was to practically beg my U.S. friends to help me in my property hunt. I felt like a pain asking them to take the time out of their days to go check out the listings.

But what option did I have? I really only had the pictures online to go by — and pictures can be deceiving! And what’s that going to tell me about the neighborhood or the local coffee shops?

I eventually settled on one tiny apartment in Washington, D.C., near my school’s campus.

But finding a place to live without actually seeing it with my eyes was a strange experience.

That wouldn’t be the case today in America 2.0. It’s revolutionizing this process and making homebuying as easy as online shopping and as real as physical walking through it.

The Game Changer to Rocket Real Estate Into America 2.0

Because of the new incredible technology provided by America 2.0 companies, we can now see any property without physically going there.

We can do it virtually.

 Big real estate companies are offering digital tours of their listings. Some are using video chat technology, giving their clients video tours of the house or apartment they are interested in.

Some are providing 3D tours, where all you need to do is just scroll through 3D panoramas of the house of your dreams while sitting on your couch thousands of miles away.

That is a complete game changer for real estate.

Especially now, when many people simply cannot go outside and see their potential homes due to social distancing rules.

If this would have happened in 2016 when I was moving, the effect on the real estate market would have been devastating. But because we live in the time of America 2.0 taking the lead, that’s not the case today.

In fact, Americans are embracing this new world.

The sales of new homes only fell by 8.5% from February to March. That means almost 92% of homes were still bought despite people being stuck at home.


America 2.0 home sales are happening today through virtual touring.

Companies — like Zillow Group Inc. — that embrace this technology are booming right now. They’ve seen a 408% increase in their 3D house tours in March! Another company said that one in three tours have gone virtual.

Participate in 2020’s Virtual Real Estate Boom

One survey revealed that 24% of people would buy a house they only saw virtually, and 30% would rent one.

That was unheard of before! I wish I had this option when I moved to the states.

Before America 2.0, we had a giant roadblock to virtual touring — we simply didn’t have the needed bandwidth.

Now, with 5G technology out there and implemented by innovative companies like Zillow, we’ve finally broken that barrier.

That’s why Paul Mampilly laser-focuses his real estate recommendations on America 2.0 in Profits Unlimited. They are completely reshaping something we’ve always done — and always will do. Now just in a more efficient way.

To find out the other ways to play the era of digital real estate — including a blockchain-backed, virtual-closing technology — check out Paul’s America 2.0 video update.

America 2.0 is only going to push real estate sales to new highs. (Paul even predicts it will DOUBLE in America 2.0.) I know I won’t buy again without these new-world techs.

How about you?


Thanks for welcoming me to your Bold Profits Daily nation! I’m excited to bring you more America 2.0 updates and opportunities in the weeks ahead!



amara Barkhanoy

Tamara Barkhanoy

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

P.S. Next time, you’ll get to hear from our newest Analyst and America 2.0 Correspondent Patrick Goodrich. To meet Patrick, you can watch this interview Paul posted with him today.

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