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Video Game Stock Tipping Point – $3 Stock Triggers Massive BUY Signal

Video Game Stock Tipping Point – $3 Stock Triggers Massive BUY Signal

The video game industry is about to explode … and bring windfall profits.

Just look around you.

If you catch a glimpse of anyone using their smartphone, no matter their age, there’s a good chance they’re playing a game.

And it’s not just millennials. It’s becoming a multigenerational trend.

Gaming is quickly becoming one of the biggest forms of entertainment. I mean, a popular video game about cars just surpassed the latest Avengers movie in sales!

There’s never been a better time to buy into such a growing industry.

In fact, I’m going to give you three reasons why now is the best time to invest as the gaming industry rises to new heights.

I’m also going to tell you the stock you can buy today to play this trend.

Check out the video below to find out how you can profit from this surge.

Video edited and produced by Amanda Klein and Warren Henderson

Bold Profits Daily
September 17, 2019

Hey everyone. This is Paul with your Bold Profits Daily.

Before I get into this week, I want to give the greatest of thank yous to all of you incredible readers, subscribers and supporters who came out to Total Wealth Symposium. What a beautiful event, what beautiful people you are. It was the greatest feeling to be with you, meet you, shake your hands, talk to you.

It’s a complete honor and privilege to serve you. We are so thrilled we have the opportunity to serve you. Thank you so much for coming out. Mark the calendar for next year’s event. We hope even more of you will come out. We’ll see folks from another part of the country because it’s going to be out in San Diego.

I’ve talked to Amanda who organizes these events. It’s going to be in another beautiful location. It will be fantastic as usual. We will be out there and we hope to see all of you come out there with your smiles. We cannot wait to see you again. Thank you for coming. Put it on your calendar to come see us again.

Alright, on to this week’s Bold Profits Daily. I have an incredible opportunity for you. It is an opportunity that I believe is just beginning to take off. Now is the perfect moment to get in before it takes off. Once you’re in, then when the big money comes with their hundreds of billions of dollars, they will bid it up and those will be gains in your portfolio. Let’s get to it.

The stocks that I am talking about many people think about as being associated with the millennial generation. However, it’s really a multi-generational play. For sure the millennial generation love this, but Gen Z and my kids play it.

If you look at people and see what people are doing on their phones, you will see they are doing this. What is it? Gaming. They are playing some games. Today I want to give you three reasons why now is the perfect moment to get into gaming. I am going to tell you about my one service we have been adding a lot of stocks.

I can tell you across my services — Profits Unlimited, True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes — we are going to be looking to add more gaming stocks into our portfolio. Here’s the three reasons why now is the moment to get into gaming.

Reason one: Gaming is a cyclical business. What does that mean? If you think of cyclical just think of something that moves up and down. In other words, there is a big rise, followed by a big fall, followed by a big rise. The rises and falls are in years. The previous cycle was a poor cycle because smartphones were taking share from some part of the gaming industry.

It was so new and as these new games came out they took away some of the activity from consoles and other kinds of gaming. However, the cycle is beginning anew. In this cycle we get to reason number two: Mobile gaming. A lot of money has gone into it over the last three to five years.

I believe it is setting up to soar higher. With mobile gaming, gaming is going to go multi-generational. You are going to see everybody from 70 year olds to 12 year old get into gaming. I believe it’s going to cause an explosion in activity and stocks to soar higher. Mobile gaming is going to come to the fore.

Reason number three. I mentioned earlier that because mobile gaming was just starting to happen and smartphones were new, people took money they might have spent on gaming consoles and spent it on smartphones.

However, I believe in this cycle gaming consoles sold by companies like Nintendo and Sony are going to come back. With that, we are going to see even more games and console sales do far better. We have a cycle for gaming where all cylinders are firing.

The three reasons are that the cycle has just turned, mobile is going to take off and there is going to be a comeback of consoles that gamers love because it gives them a different experience than they can get with a handheld phone.

All cylinders are firing. This is why I’ve recently put a stock in my Extreme Fortunes portfolio that really benefits from the cycle. It’s a $3 stock. I believe it’s going to be an incredible winner for our service. If you are interested in that, check into my Extreme Fortunes service.

We always give you a freebie stock. I would tell you if you want to get into gaming, get into the ETFMG Video Game Tech ETF (NYSEARCA: GAMR). This is a stock that has all the gaming stocks put together. This will get you into gaming stocks and will give you a nice benefit.

However, if you want the laser-focused stocks that can go up hundreds of percent, maybe even 1,000% — that’s what we go for in Extreme Fortunes — check into Extreme Fortunes service.

That’s my Bold Profits Daily for you this week. Buy into gaming either through Extreme Fortunes or the GAMR ETF, which is a stock that contains a lot of different stocks in the gaming industry. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends and family. Make a comment below and subscribe to this channel.

Let us know if you’re into gaming, if you’re going to buy into the GAMR ETF and if you’re interested in the Extreme Fortunes service. I’ll have another Bold Profits for you next week. Until then, this is Paul saying bye.

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Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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