Uruguay: The Perfect Place to Live and Invest Overseas

Uruguay is a small country with big investment opportunities

The sun is shining warm overhead, burning away memories of bitter winds and snow, and the deep blue ocean is sparkling just beyond the windows of the Conrad Hotel. Jeff Opdyke has already started teasing me about the incredible chivito sandwich. The overall atmosphere in Punta del Este is relaxed, but excitement is building.

We’re more than 5,000 miles away from Capitol Hill and it’s almost easy to forget that:

  • America is swimming in more than $18 trillion in debt.
  • The government has become more aggressive in its efforts to chip away at our freedom.
  • The Fed is trapped into maintaining low rates, leaving investors with little access to high-yield investments.
  • Russia is keeping all of Europe on edge.
  • Oil continues to hover at lows that are hamstringing producers around the globe.

But it’s for those reasons and more that a group of sovereign individuals have gathered to learn how to live and invest overseas.

Why are we in Punta del Este, Uruguay?

It’s not to lounge on the beach, stroll through the Casapueblo art museum or gamble in the casino …

For the next several days, this coastal city will be the stomping grounds for our annual Offshore Investment Summit.

The 80 freedom-seeking attendees will hear about a number of incredible investment, asset protection and real-estate opportunities from a handpicked panel of top experts.

But now you too have an inside look at this very exclusive conference …

Hi, I’m Jocelynn Smith.

As the Senior Managing Editor at The Sovereign Society, I work with Jeff Opdyke and Ted Baumann to provide you with the latest world developments to keep you up to date on the latest wealth preservations and growth strategies as well as the most effective ways to guard your privacy.

This year, I’ll be your eyes and ears for the Offshore Investment Summit in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

The elegant Conrad Hotel is already buzzing with excitement as those attending The Sovereign Society’s Offshore Investment Summit prepare for the sessions to begin a little later today.  After the opening remarks, Juan Federico Fischer will talk about what has made Uruguay the “Country of the Year” while Jeff will discuss the “Next Great Opportunity in the Dollar.” Be sure to come back tomorrow and I’ll give you the scoop on some of the tips both speakers provided along with highlights from some of the other presentations.

But … Why Uruguay?

When people begin to discuss either the best offshore financial centers or the best places around the world to expatriate to, you inevitably hear about Switzerland, Hong Kong, Thailand, Panama, Ecuador and Colombia.  I mean, even in my daydreaming, “pie in the sky” moments of wistful thinking about moving off to another country for retirement, I think of Italy (but that has more to do with a love of Italian wine and pasta than common sense economics).

Uruguay is a small country in South America, snuggled between Brazil and Argentina, that is making some big waves in terms of economic growth, fiscal responsibility and protection of privacy.

And that’s a big part of why we brought people to Uruguay for the Offshore Investment Summit, The Sovereign Society’s first offshore event of 2015.

Summit attendees will hear directly from local bankers, lawyers and realtors who will share their Uruguayan knowledge with the crowd. We’ll also hear from asset protection experts, international tax attorneys and global investment experts.

As part of the sessions, attendees will hear from Juan Federico Fischer, a native Uruguayan who heads a leading asset protection and residency law firm. Juan will give an overview of Uruguay, providing information on gaining residency and ultimately citizenship in Uruguay. He will also provide some information on real estate opportunities that exist in the country that will not only gain in value but can also be a Plan B for investors should things in the U.S. continue to deteriorate.

In addition to our in-country experts, Sovereign has also gathered a variety of global investment specialists to discuss how to gain consistent returns with rare tangible assets, how to own inflation-proof strategic metals in offshore vaults and how to begin private banking in some of the top offshore financial centers.

In short, the presenters we’ve assembled here at the Offshore Investment Summit have spent their professional careers studying, analyzing and researching investments and opportunities not just in Uruguay, but in safe havens around the globe.

There’s Just One Catch

My job is to observe and report the events at the Offshore Investment Summit.

But there’s no way I can capture every secret, word and idea that springs from the podium.

And if you’re on the outside looking in, you will miss out on the camaraderie, and the insight of Jeff Opdyke, Sancho Santayana, Juan Federico Fischer, Ted Baumann, Geoff Anadappa and the other experts presenting … and of course, the beautiful backdrop of Punta del Este.

There’s not much I can do about that.

But the good news is that we’re recording every speaker, lesson and solution unveiled here.

I have no doubt this material will help you:

  • Learn how to invest in property in Uruguay either from the comfort of your home in the U.S. or while you’re in Uruguay.
  • Gain the confidence to invest in farmland in Uruguay.
  • Learn which rare metals you can easily invest in and hold in a Swiss vault.
  • Understand the pros and cons of utilizing asset protection in various countries.
  • And gain the confidence to easily acquire a second passport.

The catch:

We are not making the recordings available after the event. So, if you’d like a copy of our Offshore Investment Blueprint, we need to hear from you in the next few days.

Fair enough?

The Most Profitable Week of the Year …

Whether you wish to escape the threat of wealth confiscation, tap into investments that are forbidden to most Americans, distance yourself from what’s quickly becoming a “federal police state” or simply learn how to live and invest overseas, there’s something for you at the 2015 Offshore Investment Summit.

And I’ll be here, bringing you the highlights.

Until tomorrow …

Your Conference Insider,
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Jocelynn Smith
Sr. Managing Editor, Sovereign Investor Daily