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Up 48%! Tweet Us Your #BOP Story Today!

Up 48%! Tweet Us Your #BOP Story Today!

We’re not permabulls.

But we are #BOP (bullish, optimistic and positive) on what we believe 100% will be a bull market for the history books.

And it looks like you are too!

Our twitter feed is on fire with positive messages from our incredible Bold Profits Nation!

Take a look at some from Paul Mampilly’s @MampillyGuru:

Thanks for writing in, JL and Alton!

We believe we are entering a recovery of historic proportions in America 2.0. And this week we showed you what Dow 100,000 looks like.

So we’ll keep the #BOP news and opportunities coming to you.

Do you have a #BOP story to share? Tell us about it or the life-changing gains you’re looking forward to in America 2.0. You can tweet us @MampillyGuru or shoot us an email at

Who knows, you may be featured in the next Saturday Bold Profits Daily.

Your #BOP Bold Profits Coverage

Here’s this week’s best of the best:

The Bold Profits team keeps growing! Make sure you follow the whole team on Twitter for a daily dose of #BOP America 2.0 coverage!


Your Bold Profits Team

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“I started with $215,000 in Nov. 2018, It is now over 800,000. So very happy with Banyan Hill Publishing.”

- Larry K.

"I went all in with $310,000 and a year later, my portfolio was at $425,000. This I would have never accomplished with mutual funds, I will be following your research for the rest of my life thank you Paul and the team."

- Karl A.

"You told me to ignore the noise on Wall Street. And thanks to you, I started towards the end of 2016 with $200,000 in my account and I recently put in an extra $100,000. [As of February 2019] My account is worth $500,788! I would’ve missed out if I followed conventional wisdom."

- Helen C.

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